Kickstarter Awards Arrive for BattleTech Video Game

Well, it arrived today!  I was one of many Kickstarter backers of the various levels for Harebrained Schemes’ BattleTech Video game, slated for release next year.

Like many folks I backed at a high enough pledge to get both some nice BattleTech swag, as well as some strong comfort in helping to bring back a major video game opportunity for the franchise.  We need an infusion of marketing and interest.  Hopefully the latest video game will prove just the ticket!

It’s hard for me to find swag anywhere but online these days, so it was nice for me to open up my sweet bag of Draconis Combine swag.  Here it is!

Swag = Mag

Swag = Mag

I’m pretty stoked! I’m wearing my Draconis Combine pin to work tomorrow!

Did you order anything?  Has it arrived?  What did you get?  And who’s ready for some BattleTech?

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6 thoughts on “Kickstarter Awards Arrive for BattleTech Video Game

  1. sadlerbw

    I pledged enough that I should be getting a jacket and other assorted stuff, but it hasn’t showed up yet. Did you get a tracking/shipping notification before your stuff showed up, or did it just magically appear one day with no warning?

  2. Matthew

    Orders with jackets haven’t shipped yet, they will be after the other rewards according to HBS. I’m deployed but I should have some sweet Lyran Commonwealth swag waiting for me when I get home.

  3. Dragmire

    I have to admit, Kurita’s stuff looks damn good. And yes, you should have gotten a notification with shipping info


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