MechWarrior Comics: This Ain’t Blackthorne or Fallout

I was on the main forum about a week or so ago when I ran into a thread dating back to April regarding a MechWarrior comic from IDW Publishing – the outfit behind the new generation Transformers comics. After pulling my socks back on I emailed the media relations department to see if the book was still in production, on course for an October release, and being written by John Barber as per the IGN article. This will be the first professional BattleTech franchise comic to my knowledge since the 1994 tie in to the animated series; BattleTech: Fallout.

Ahh, Fallout. Even the 90s they managed to capture that 80s look.

Ahh, Fallout. Even in the 90s they managed to capture that 80s look.

Fallout was where I saw computer generated images in comics for the first time – even if it was just for two of their covers. It was presumably done to further tie the book to the cartoon; as if expanding on the Jade Falcon destruction of Somerset Military Academy and one of the protagonists being the sister of one of the major characters from the cartoon weren’t enough. But it was the mid ’90s. Computer-generated ANYTHING was quite a novelty- especially for a core property that is as non-electronic as it’s possible to get. Digression over.

I really hope we get art this good in the new comic series

I really hope we get art this good in the new comic series

Though IDW said they were still on track for October, a follow up email revealed that Barber wasn’t writing it and I wasn’t given much to go on for a book slated to hit shelves in little more than a month. (I wonder if Loren Coleman would be up to writing it?) They did however say that they would contact us with something more substantial as it became available. It seems questionable to me that they’re in a position to keep their deadline. But given the quality of their other work, (especially their Transformers line) and earlier promise of lots of political intrigue, I can imagine and hope that good things come to those who wait.

Well Bargained, and done.

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6 thoughts on “MechWarrior Comics: This Ain’t Blackthorne or Fallout

  1. FourHeadedMonkey

    I so hope this comes true. Also stumbled upon the IGN article, but given its release date, thought it was an aprils fools day thing…

    1. Ron Post author

      If so its the world’s longest running. And they have their PR people in on it. They sounded anxious to use Sarna as part of their means to promote the book. So I’m sure we’re on the email list when they get their ducks in a row.

      1. BrokenMnemonic

        I’m delighted that they’re using Sarna to help boost the comic – I wonder if there’s a way of letting all those MWO forumites who read Sarna know?

  2. Jim

    Unfortunately it looks like it is going to be late. It’s not even in Diamond’s database yet ( they are THE comic distributor).

  3. BrokenMnemonic

    It’s not uncommon for comic companies to run late with issues, and it’s more common with companies that aren’t the big two. I gather one of the problems is that a lot of the smaller companies have to pay in advance or at the time to have comics printed – they don’t get credit from the printers, unlike DC or Marvel, so they need the cash reserves to get a print run done.

    There are also just all sorts of real-life reasons why comics can slip. The Walking Dead is one of Imeage’s most successful titles – possibly the most successful title – and yet that has a history of slipping. It’s been much better over the last four years or so, but given that the comics been around for 10 years or so, it takes time.

    It’ll get here when it gets here. I’m not going to lose sleep over it – I read a fair number of IDW titles, and they’ve had some great comic runs. Some take longer than others to appear, but that just builds the anticipation, right? ;)


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