MechWarrior: Tactics No More?

An Anticipated Title Seems to Be Having Some Difficulties

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MechWarrior: Tactics possibly gone?

There seems to be confusion and worry about the possible abandonment of a to-be exciting addition to the BattleTech universe.

MechWarrior: Tactics was an in-browser free-to-play game that has been under development for several years. Several known gaming web sites and magazines even featured the game in various articles, showcasing something akin to a simplified version of a three dimensional version of the board game, complete with weapons fire effects and damage modeling. The game was being developed by Blue Lizard Games, and to be published by Infinite Game Publishing.

The announcement and subsequent articles of the game caused somewhat of a stir in the BattleTech community, and for the most part many were awaiting for this game to be completed.

Beta Stage

The game seems to have gotten to a fairly advanced stage, and a closed beta had started. Players were invited to pay to play in the beta, some paying up to $120 USD to partake in the beta. After some initial successes and after a public stress test in August of 2013, the developers via their Twitter and Facebook page stopped posting as many updates, petering out in November of the same year.

Worries by Supporters and Development Woes

Since November of 2013, communications from the developer has ceased via all forms of contact. Their main page currently is stating:

We are currently in an extended maintenance windows, working hard on moving to a new hardware infrastructure. ETA is currently unknown please come back check back in 72 hours for more information. Sorry for interrupting your combat!

To this day many supporters are posting to the MW:T Facebook page asking for status updates and/or inquiring as to if they would get their money returned.

On September 2nd of 2014 a fan asked Blue Lizard Games on their Facebook page as to the status of the game. BLG stated that they were removed from the project in December of 2013. This left many people posting in dismay as to their investments in the game to have been gone and wondering what to do to get their money back. Even worse, several members of IGP have departed the company and formed their own company, leading some to believe that the game is now effectively dead.

While the publisher does not seem to want to discuss the game and with no developer in sight, some mourn the loss to the community. However, many more have many unanswered questions as well as money invested into a game that now seems will never see the light of day.

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27 thoughts on “MechWarrior: Tactics No More?

  1. Nic

    There’s a thread on the MW:O forums where Kelly from IGP has given some news:

    IGP Update for the community:

    The game is still offline and will be offline for a while longer but the game is not cancelled, IGP is seeking a new partner/developer and a new hosting location for the game.
    We hope to bring the game back online soon. We will reach out to the community when we have a timeline to go live.

    We apologize for the downtime and the silence. We know it has been frustrating for the players and for those who are wondering what is happening with the game.

    Some of you have been reaching out to Blue Lizard Games for an update, BLG is not working on the project and is unable to provide any information on the game.

    Thank you for your patience as we work through these changes.

  2. Feveryone

    You do realize of course that IGP has been employing these PR/delaying tactics since the end of 2013 right?

    I was a founder and every time we asked them for development status it was always the same PR drivel.

    Unless they (7G Entertainment) find another backer (apparently Fonds de Solidarite has pulled out), they won’t have the money for new development.

    1. Timbal Post author

      Feveryone, sorry to hear that. For the best of everyone I hope SOMEONE takes over and makes good on everything.

  3. Feveryone

    It’s just that i don’t think they will find a developer, unless the IP gets transferred entirely to someone else (plus new financial backer). At this point IGP/7G/FTQ has no credibility left.

    Who knows how much longer IGP will continue to exist (they don’t have any part in MWO anymore).

    This table-top emulator / card collection is a niche market, plus you have megamek already for FREE, i don’t know man…

    So let that be a lesson to all: Early access buy-in = bad idea

  4. Charles Prezalor

    For those of you who want to get your money back, I feel the best angle is via UltimatePay / Playspan.

    They have a clause in their ToS that states that they obligate the publisher to deliver the goods when they receive payment.

    Publishers are obligated to release the goods or services you have paid for.
    We will make a reasonable effort to return your payment to you through the same payment system, method or channel you used to send the payment…

    Their support does not acknowledge this statement in their ToS, so I recommend going straight to filing a complain against them with the Better Business Bureau:…cisco-ca-436924

    Just provide evidence that there’s no way you could have received your goods (because the game was never published) and work from there.

    I would like to point out that as of this post 11/15/2014, PlaySpan has removed their Terms of service “Forbidden, HTTP 403” in what I believe to be an attempt to avoid liability.

    Information is ammunition! I hope this helps.
    Currently my case is still being reviewed by a mediator, and even if I am favored, it doesn’t mean that I will even get my money back, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

  5. Feveryone

    Well, last i checked, the official game site is done, no more maintenance message. How cowardly.

    This really puts a black eye on the Canadian game development scene. Way to screw me over Quebec.

    I’m already miffed at spending $20 on the cheapest founders pack. I can only imagine what it’s like for the other founders (1 guy in beta forum said he spent $300+, including C-Bill purchases).

  6. NIBIRO80

    “The game seems to have gotten to a fairly advanced stage, and a closed beta had started. Players were invited to pay to play in the beta, some paying up to $120 USD to partake in the beta. After some initial successes and after a public stress test in August of 2013, the developers via their Twitter and Facebook page stopped posting as many updates, petering out in November of the same year.”

    I dont agree, i played closed servers and payed not a diem, was also good to play for those with less,
    loved it tho hate it thats not online anymore.

  7. Feveryone

    To the above post:

    What don’t you agree with?

    “Good to play for those with less”

    *I know what I say here will violate the non-disclosure agreement they made me agree to, but since they no longer exist any more, it no longer applies.

    The game had many bugs that weren’t being addressed (now we know because BLG left in Dec 2013), in game chat was barely usable, setting up a match pvp was a pain, unless you want to go against the mindless AI. The contents that were “released” in 2014 is actually a RE-release of previously-BROKEN content that NEVER GOT FIXED. Rehashing the same old broken stuff and they tried to tell us the title was still under development and their funding was still good? HAHAHAHAHA what a bunch of clowns. When Niko Snow jumped over to PGI, he tried to wash his guilt away by giving us the same broken Atlas back. Good job, now you are totally absolved of partaking in the scam called IGP.

    You were smart enough not to drop a dime, and yes I am an idiot who dropped $20 and fell for it. But I can’t see how good a game being the state it was in.

  8. CFM

    I was a closed beta player and I can tell you the game was way off being ready for any commercial release. The game suffered from very poor loading times (I think the first time I ran it 10 mins + to load) , plus I’m not sure the Unity Game engine could handle such a complex game. It just felt doomed right from the start!

    1. andy

      Unity is not the problem. There are better and more complex unity games out there(kerbal space program).

  9. Shaw

    Mechwarriors tactics will be coming out, don’t loose faith. The basic fact of this game is that it carrys the MechWarrior name. Thus it will come out, when thats an entirely different story. Worst case is they drop the game and someone else buys it and puts it out. Its logical for this to happen because 1. it carrys the name, and 2. Some of the devoplement of the game is already done, thus saving money for who ever may pick it up.

    1. Feveryone

      Shaw, you wanna pass me some of the stuff you’re smoking?

      “Thus it will come out, when thats an entirely different story. Worst case is they drop the game”

      You seem to see things in a different reality. IGP does not exist anymore (filed bankruptcy), so your “worst case” has already come to pass.

      Your 1st point has merit but it works both ways – MWT now carries the name that is associated with FRAUD.

      Your 2nd point does not hold much. Were you one of the closed beta testers? I was one of them and as stated by me and CFM (just right above your post), the code was not up to snuff. If someone were to buy the license, a complete overhaul is preferred.

      Enough damage has been done, just let this fraud die. People have megamek already (for FREE!?!?!)

    2. Horseman

      Just because there is some working code does not mean that this code is reusable by whoever picks up the project. Sometimes fixing the horrid mess left by your predecessors takes more time and resources than throwing it out and starting over from scratch.

  10. Llyander

    Sorry to see it go, glad I only spent like $30 on it. Some of the prices, same as MWO, were just obscene.

    Guess this goes to show those “founders packs” ain’t worth the paper your contract is written on. Oh wait…

  11. Michael Loveless

    Just because the company filed bankruptcy and the game is no longer in development does not mean it was a fraud…

    I paid for a founder’s pack and of course I am upset that we will not get the game… but shit happens… no investment is 100% guaranteed.. That’s just the reality of investing in games under development.

    If you use the standard metric of how much playtime per dollar spent I still spent well less than a quarter per hour.. I’d say I got my money’s worth. I wish they would make their IP (intellectual property) open source or something but that’s wishful thinking and I’m sure the developers WANT to finish the game so would be reluctant to just give away all their hard work.

    perhaps a few years down the road they will have enough capitol saved up to try again… remember the good times and accept it as a fact of business.

    1. Canniballistic

      How many hours worth of game play did you get out of the final product you paid for?

    2. Feveryone

      “Just because the company filed bankruptcy and the game is no longer in development does not mean it was a fraud”

      Nope, but how about telling beta testers the game was still in development and “open beta is coming” AFTER Blue Lizard was fired? And still charging money for founder’s packs after that?

      The fact that IGP could not come clean to the beta testers until one of us pestered Blue Lizard (and found out about the firing 8 months later) should tell you enough of IGP’s character.

      If they had come clean in the first place, the backlash would not have been as severe. In my mind, and I don’t think i’m alone on this: IGP = FRAUD

      1. Feveryone

        Actually, I’m giving them too much credit. I implied they came clean after we found out about BLG being fired in DEC 2014.

        They didn’t come clean AT ALL. They simply shut down their website.

  12. CF

    I was part of the beta — free of charge, fortunately.

    The fact is: The game sucked. It was the textbook definition of “[game] in name only” — apart from some artwork and names, it in no way whatever played like _BattleTech_, not in mechanics, not in ‘Mech design, not at all.

    So: Good riddance to it — and a special hand-gesture to people who gave them money to cop a squat on the game we enjoy.

    1. Feveryone

      yea you got in for free, when I signed up the only option was founder packs.

      Take it from this idiot (me, along with others who dropped money into this thing) who gave them money, as this lesson cannot be repeated enough times: Early access buy-in = bad idea

      1. Pen0r

        Even I could’ve told you that much.

        I won’t even pre-order a game unless it’s from a major tried-and-tested developer (or over Steam or something where you can get your money back guaranteed)

        By the by if you’re interested in Mech combat in other formats, well, there are other franchises which offer the same sort of gameplay inclusive with mech-on-mech combat. They’re just a little few and far between and you won’t be fielding any Timberwolves anytime soon. (bummer!)

        I for one was just pissed that they didn’t go freeware with what they DID have after the fact.

        Even Mechcommander Gold is freeware now.

        Ultimately though XCOM 2 pretty much picks up the slack as far as games similar to MWT, and it’s well worth the investment (or time if you don’t have money ;-] nudge nudge)

        Other games to check out for those who stumble upon this article as I did a couple times now:

        airMech (unique moba)
        Mechwarrior: Living Legends (mod for Crysis)
        MW: Online (if you’d prefer first person shooties)
        Voxelfield (I can’t view the website but supposedly alot like MWT)
        Mechcommander series (one of the best games ever, also freeware now with tons of mods)
        MegaMek (free BattleTech-based TBS game as mentioned above)
        BattleTech turn-based strategy releasing in 2017 by Hairbrained studios (

        1. Feveryone

          Been a while since a response! My anger I has subsided since it was $20, but I will never forget (Some people even purchased in-game currency for that unfinished piece of crap LOL)

          You into xcom2 as well? Been having fun with the mods and even tempted to play around with mod creation..

          I’m not touching mwo, seeing IGP was so closely involved with PGI, I can’t help but think PGI had a part to play with the bungling of mwt. Also $500 gold mechs? LOL

  13. CrimsonEye

    you guys should felt very lucky, i drop like 200 bucks in it, and i ain’t from USD, imagine that currency convert rate, OUCH
    well, some company will never plan well and alot of A.Holes always make a crap out of it.

    anyway, looking forward to other games now, especially on going battletech. that seems to be going very well


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