MekWars: Dominion Announces New Cycle

The Star League-era MekWars Dominion LogoMekWars campaign announced that it would be starting the next cycle of events on May 18, 2015.

On April 13, 2015, the Star League: Dominion server for the MekWars client announced that they would be starting a new cycle, a reset of the ongoing campaign.  MekWars is a java-based program that ties together a variety of other programs, such as MegaMek, and then allows people to play against each other and track the results, resources, and such over time as the campaign continues.  A new cycle is always a great chance to start a campaign.

For the new cycle, several changes were announced, including balanced (and now optional) ground on aero battles and cheaper infantry costs to enhance their use on the battlefield.  So download the new client and check it out!

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