MekWars: Dominion Begins New Cycle

The MekWars Dominion LogoMekWars campaign set in the Star League began a new cycle, or campaign, on October 23, 2015.

MekWars is a java-based client that lets players get BattleTech online versus others in an ongoing campaign world. MekWars Dominion is one of a few active campaigns, and  it is set at the end of the Star League.  Players create accounts, develop a hangar, staff their units, and then design some armies to smash face on the MegaMek software.  The consequence of various battles leads to changes in the universe, and some factions rise and others fall.

A new cycle is always a great time to either check things out, or head back.  Everyone is reset to zero, and thus there is no inertia from some factions  losing or people with developed units and pilots.  It’s a perfect time to download the client and check it out!

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