New BattleTech Board Game in the Works?

‘Succession Wars’ was a geopolitical based board game published by FASA in 1987. Players took on the roles of the house lords, and for the life of me, my first thought when I first saw it was for the fictional strategy game ‘Nuke Em!’ from the original Robocop film. (Coincidentally, both were released in 1987)

Not even Risk had as many lives in the balance as the backdrop for a board game as ‘Succession Wars’.


On the November 13th BattleBlog, Randal Bills mentioned that they were playing around with several different ideas for a new card-based board game that appears to be along the same lines as the original, though several ideas were on the table. With a pile of counters and placement pegs across the backdrop of the inner sphere political map and its smatterings of districts, commonalities, prefectures and buffer states, one cannot help but think of a game along the lines of Risk as a possible option.

It’s important to note that several times Randal says that the new board game is NOT (yet) a done deal, and that he will make regular updates on the subject, including gameplay photos.

Well, it’s not Interstellar Operations. I never played the original but if its anything like Risk I’ll be more than happy with grabbing one.

Well bargained, and done.

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2 thoughts on “New BattleTech Board Game in the Works?

  1. Jason Jackowski

    I only played once (unfortunately), but I found it more a mash-up of Axis and Allies and Risk in the Battletech universe. I would love to see this come to fruition. I would also love to see expansions that included different Eras including new maps/gameboards, factions, and units.

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