New Campaign Begins on MegaMekNET

Interested in getting to play some more BattleTech?  Inspired by the beta of the BattleTech video game?  Do you have that itch and need to scratch it?  Great!

Yay ‘Mechs! Tanks and Infantry Too!

MegaMekNET is an ongoing MekWars campaign that takes place in the general 3025 era.  The goal is to follow one front in the era, in this case the triad of the Steiner, Marik, and Liao Houses.  You can play as one of those three houses, and then ally with others in your cause.  The MekWars client is great at tracking an entire campaign.  You have an entire hangar of units to keep abreast of, you can change loadouts, manage repairs, and more.  Your battle results are tracked, and then you gain experience and money used to keep on going.


A Lance Creeps Up (Courtesy of

The games are playing in a MegaMek client you can connect to in MekWars after arranging a battle.  The latest campaign just began, and was only 48 hours old as of the typing of this article.  It began on October 21st.  This is one of the best times to either try a new game, or to return to the fold after being away.  Everyone is new!  Everyone has fresh rookie hangars and are playing their hearts out.

MegaMekNET has made a few changes to the campaign based on previous feedback.  The main change is to reducing the amount and density of urban maps to fight on.  Most heavy urban options have been reduced to more suburban options.  More options have been added to some planets that previously only have dense urban options to fight at.  They have added realistic options that fit the world much better than previously, that flesh it out more.

MegaMekNET is where BattleTech breathes.

Here I am, with the nick “Abe” logged in on a Monday night, and you can see we have 12 players and three games going on, and Monday certainly isn’t a big time for players, but you can get your game on!

Come Smash Away 3025 Style!

If you are missing that BattleTech feeling or chomping at the bit to beat down with some BattleMechs, then why not join MegaMekNET for the new cycle that only just begun, and join the campaign?

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