New Development Versions of MegaMek and Friends Available

MegaMekA new slate of releases have been announced for the trifecta of java-based programs that let you play of Battletech both online and against AIs by yourself.  MegaMek, MegaMekLab, and MekHQ.

With MegaMek as the banner freeware program to host and fight, the updated version is a A Lance Creeps Up (Courtesy of release.  MegaMekLab allows people to create units for the program, and MekHQ follows a campaign style of play from one battle, through fixing up units that were damaged and salvaged, to another battle.

Release 0.41.4 for MegaMek includes more than 160 changes and updates, including a large number of bug fixes and new feature from User Interface (UI) changes and additions from several rulebooks.  Check out the full post to see the change-list.
Meanwhile, MegaMekLab version 0.1.40 adds Spinners, changes a few bugs, and works with the latest edition of MegaMek. And while the changes for MekHQ 0.3.14 were small they include a number of additions to the program in the form of patches from users.

Why not download the latest versions and try them out?

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