New Dominion MekWars Server Begins

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The Dominion Begins

The Beta testing for a new MekWars server has concluded, and the latest server has announced its open launch for October 8, 2013.  Set in 2780 when war embroils the Inner Sphere as the Star League era comes to a close.



MekWars is a freeware client that allows people to join together and play BattleTech online in a giant ongoing campaign.  There are six servers that are currently in operation and they all cover various time frames including the Clan Wars, Jihad, and Fourth Succession War eras.

The latest server is called Star League: Dominion, or Dominion for short.  If you are interested in playing a large campaign at the beginning of the Succession Wars, this is it.  Plus, you can get in on the ground level on a new server.  Even veteran players of the MegaMek client are going to be neophytes on a new MekWars server.  The playing field is leveled.

All you have to do is download the Dominion client, load it up, and get your ‘Mech on.  Carve out your own empire!  In order to make things more realistic, the server does ask that you research the canon unit names from the faction you wish to join.  Then log on with that canon unit name and get started playing BattleTech again.  Check out Star League: Dominion page for more details, and welcome the seventh MekWars server!

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