New MegaMekLab Release

On July 4, the developers announced a new release of MegaMekLab version 0.1.29.  While the new version does not squash a lot of bugs (just 5) it has been altered to work better with the latest stable version of MegaMek.

MegaMekLab is a java-based freeware program that allows you to build various units, such as BattleMechs, Infantry and Vehicles, and those can be transferred to MegaMek. Add your favorite designs to the latest stable version of MegaMek. And get your Mek on!

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About Abe Sargent

When his first attack roll with an LRM15 from that Crusader destroyed a Ryoken deep in the jungle, Abe grew hooked on the game that brought heavy metal to a smart sci-fi universe that realistically portrays humanity in the future with all of the foibles of today.

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