New MegaMekLab Release

On February 10, 2014, the latest version of MegaMekLab was released!  MegaMekLab is a free java-based program that can be used to design units that can then be used in MegaMek, as well as other places.  BattleTech Players love to craft their own home-grown brews.  But if you want to test your designs online against other people or solo against AI, you’ll need a way to convert them to MegaMek, which is a great way to play the traditional wargame. Enter MegaMekLab.

Build that ‘Mech! (Image Courtesy of Softpedia)

After checking out the list of changes, I was suitably impressed at the sheer amount of effort that the volunteers put together.  A long list of bugs fixed, changes and additions to the software clocks in at over 100 changes!  Why not download this latest version and try it out?

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