New Releases for MegaMek, MekHQ, and MegaMekLab

Get Your Heavy Metal On!

Get Your Heavy Metal On!

On August 4th, new releases for the java-based freeware MegaMek, MekHQ, and MegaMekLab were announced.  In addition to the variety of changes listed, both MegaMek and MekHQ have been given a freeze for new features, in preparation for a new stable release.

MegaMek is a program that allows you to play BattleTech against others in real life, online, or to test yourself against AI controlled “bots”.  It’s a key to playing against folks around the world, and to do so right now.  Because it’s done on computer, you don’t have to roll any dice, which speeds up the game considerably.  That especially true when you start adding in things like setting the woods on fire and the direction of smoke.

MegaMek version 0.41.5 has more than 60 changes, including numerous bug fixes.

MegaMekLab lets you build a construct units. From that variant of the Hoplite that you like that strips off the heat sinks for real weapons to a Firestarter that you swear is better at lighting fires that anything else, you can edit or build your own designs as you wish.  You can save them in a format that can be used by MegaMek, so those don’t have to be just for your own edification.  Share them with the world!

Finally MekHQ is designed to create a small campaign for you, usually solo, to play games, keep track of things like repairs and contracts, and run a small command.  Much like MegaMek, it rolls the dice, so you don’t have to.  You can check out the changelist and see what’s new in HQ land.

With three new releases to grab, why not try out the new releases and see what you think???

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