Original BattleTech Pods In Grand Rapids Michigan Moving To New Dedicated Site

courtesy of Virtual World Entertainment

courtesy of Virtual World Entertainment

Some original BattleTech Center virtual reality pods are moving to a new dedicated “Pod Site” in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Those old enough to remember the Virtual World Entertainment pods will be happy to hear that they’re alive and well, and the set located in Michigan are migrating to a new location where they will continue to be tweaked, preserved, and even played in.

A few weeks ago, current Virtual World Entertainment owner Nickolas “PropWash” Smith posted to the BattleTech subreddit that he’ll be taking a contingent of the original BattleTech: Firestorm pods from their current storage location and bringing them to a dedicated pod site in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Previously, your best opportunity to get insides one of these delightful relics was to go to one of the many conventions where Nick and the gang bring their portable pods. However, with the new site, you’ll have a chance to get a real taste of what it’s like to be in a “real” ‘Mech cockpit--minus the oppressive heat and need for a neurohelmet of course.

courtesy of Virtual World Entertainment

For those not old enough to remember, Virtual World Entertainment was the FASA off-shoot that dealt with turning the games that FASA made into “location-based entertainment experiences,” more commonly referred to as arcade games. They had a pretty nice heyday throughout the ‘90s, but as the demand for arcades began to wane in the early 2000’s (combined with FASA’s decision to abruptly cease operations in 2001), Virtual World was put up for sale.

Microsoft first acquired Virtual World Entertainment along with FASA Interactive, but then they sold Virtual World again to an investment group.

At the time, these simulator pods were state of the art arcade games that an investment firm would have seen no value except to sell for scrap. Some pods almost certainly were scrapped, but a concerted effort from Virtual World owners and a dedicated player community managed to save most of these pods from the scrap yard.

And while there are multiple former Virtual World pods out there operated by several different groups, the original Virtual World Entertainment company continues to remain operational under the ownership of one Nickolas Smith. Nick purchased the company in 2005 and has dutifully safeguarded these priceless pieces of real-life Lostech for 20 years.

courtesy of VGLU on Facebook

And upgraded them. The pods themselves weren’t originally meant to be carried from convention to convention, and only with diligent work from many dedicated enthusiasts were they able to become portable. This allowed Nick (as well as others pod owners) to bring their hardware to various BattleTech conventions.

Between conventions, these Michigan based pods were initially kept in storage at Nick’s house--a far cry from the public arcades they used to be found in. I myself remember getting my first lick at a BattleTech pod from a Dave and Buster’s over a decade ago. I’m nowhere near a convention that BattleTech is featured at, so without an arcade, I’d have never been able to enjoy pulling levers and pushing pedals as though I were a real ‘Mech pilot.

Obviously, keeping a bunch of VWE pods at a random house in Michigan is less than ideal. Nick moved his cockpits to Grand Rapids in 2010 and put them under the care of Jeff Perry at the Big Kidz Games retail store. Now they’re being moved to a new site storage in Grand Rapids that will open during select special events for public play or by private reservation. The new location will be called the Virtual Geographic League Underground, or VGLU for short--a call back to the fictional Virtual World origins story.

VWE BattleTech: Firestorm Barker
Watch this video on YouTube.

I had a chance to speak to Nick recently, and he says that the new location will operate by word of mouth and social media--sort of like a modern speakeasy. If you follow the Virtual World Entertainment Facebook group (or the VGLU Facebook group) then you’ll be able to ask how and when you can get your hands behind the control sticks of a piece of BattleTech history.

Currently there are 18 pods, all running both BattleTech: Firestorm--that’s the one based on MechWarrior 4. But these pods are running far more than the original software. They’ve been tweaked, modded, and improved beyond what you might remember. All the original ‘Mechs are still there, but there are also the MekTek ‘Mech Packs that expanded the MechWarrior 4 arsenal to over 100 chassis, and even more custom designs added after that.

The new Grand Rapids site will open during Brocktoberfest on October 12th through 14th (Brocktoberfest being a reference to the game Red Planet that I didn’t understand beyond the fact that Red Planet was another game run on the Virtual World pods). The best way to get involved is via the Facebook groups I linked above.

And while you’re there, consider making a donation--these pods are kept alive and even improved thanks to the hard work of some dedicated individuals, but MacGyvering replacement parts in an ever-dwindling supply can get expensive.

For those not in the Michigan area, there are plenty of other locations to try out these incredible machines, including locations in Albuquerque, Houston, Minneapolis, and a site recently opened in Montreal, Canada. Check out the link here for specific locations.

And as always, MechWarriors: Stay Syrupy.

stay syrupy

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9 thoughts on “Original BattleTech Pods In Grand Rapids Michigan Moving To New Dedicated Site


    no real shoutout to Mechcorps in Houston, one of the most active locations for the remaining pods. They take their set all across the southern US to various conventions as far as Dragoncon in Atlanta, in addition to their homebase in Houston… As far as there being plenty of locations, I think you actually listed all of them…

    1. anonymous

      Mechcorps removed themselves from referencing VWE a long time ago and splintered off into their own group. If they continued to give credit to the developers and not try to make it appear as though they developed everything maybe they would.

      1. Dan

        They are not the only ones to remove themselves from VWE due to the horrendous self-serving attitude and fake claims of credit. There would be more pods and sites if VWE would have acted like grownups. The Texas and Canada locations are great folks. The Minnesota site has not been open the few days I happen to be on travel there.
        The Michigan gang are the reason for the demise of this. The story should have some due diligence on the history regarding Michigan claims. Its called USPTO.

        1. Tony

          Amen to that! The demise of a great user group of independent owners and players has one focal point – and that is the ego of MechJock. Michigan caused the real death of this wonderful arcade game.

  2. Mauther

    Not to be pedantic (which is a clear sign I’m going to be pedantic), those are not original pods. Those are those fancy Tesla 2 pods. I prefer the giant plywood Mark I. No fancy rounded design, and an angled door that would crush your hand if you weren’t careful. I doubt any of the Mark I’s are left out there.

    1. anonymous

      The pods you are referring to are the 3.0. There are some active and working. You can still play 3.0 BT and Red Planet. But you can also play 4.0 Red Planet on the Tesla pods.

  3. Seraphian

    A perpetual highlight of GenCon for me is going to the pods and spending way too much money. This year I was able to bring my stepkids for the first time, too. Great fun all around!

  4. GamerDad

    COVID-19 makes these enclosed “pods” of germ culture. It was bad enough before COVID-19 with people sneezing, eating then playing, and just breathing. I remember taking an ultraviolet light into a public one years ago. Yes, they have some “ventilation fans” but the entire design is not sanitary; then came COVID-19.
    Seems there was some guy that brought some up from Arizona area into Denver and set up players in his garage. A bunch of COVID cases may have traced back to that place. They were having trouble explaining about getting into a cockpit. I think even the Houston site was closed for COVID control. Texas isn’t known for doing much about preventing shutdowns. I will stick with XBox or on-line instead of not knowing who was inside one of these before me.


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