Russ Bullock and Bryan Ekman Interview on ABC News 10 in Sacramento CA

After two years in development, closed and then open Beta testing, the constant work on Piranha Games’ MechWarrior: Online is only gathering steam. “This is just the beginning, we’ve now laid the framework and the base of this big pyramid and we’ve got this really fun core action experience that people can play.”

Russ Bullock and Bryan Ekman talking to Barry White

Russ Bullock and Bryan Ekman talking to Barry White

On ABC News 10 in Sacramento California, Barry White’s interview touched base on going back to MechWarrior’s roots as a first person sim compared to other genres the BattleTech license has been used for (MechAssault, MechCommander). The duo from Piranha have also mentioned on what it’s like to work on such a venerable property as BattleTech. “Both Russ and I played the original MechWarriors, to be able to bring this franchise back to modern gaming is huge and to be a part of that legacy now – this 30 year legacy – it makes us very proud.”

I can’t say I blame them. Being able to report on the property, and interact with the movers and shakers in the industry has been a nearly overwhelming experience at times for me.

Bullock and Ekman also made it very apparent of a new faction to be introduced at the end of the year. Star Commanders, we have a go for invasion. I hope they make a huge event out of it, like sneaking the Clan mechs into an update and having a group of insiders interrupt random games and start whomping on the inner sphere fighters with Timber Wolves, Summoners, Fenris’, and other first wave clan ‘Mechs.

If so- I’d love to be a fly on the wall listening to the spheroid players freak out.

Well bargained, and done.

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