Sarah’s Jenner is Now Available at MechWarrior Online

Back in May I posted an article about the tragic loss of a young MechWarrior Online player from Canada, and the overwhelming support from the MechWarrior Online and BattleTech community in general for her memory and for the young girl’s parents. Amongst the multitude of sympathy posts on both the MechWarrior Online and main forums were a skyrocketing number of people working towards something constructive. Ideas ran from in-game cockpit ornaments to a hero ‘Mech dedicated to young Sarah Parries. Groups of players even made tribute videos dedicated to her to post on YouTube. It’s a type of polarization that doesn’t occur nearly often enough in this day and age in my opinion.


With this wild paint scheme you’ll fit right in with the 17th Recon. Click for the official Sarah’s Jenner page

Piranha Games had to react in some way. And react they did with a tribute champion ‘Mech in Sarah’s original color scheme that probably takes a five year old to truly appreciate. With streak SRMs, quad medium lasers, endo steel structure, double heat sinks and even an anti-missile system in addition to a top speed of nearly 140kph, the Jenner D/S was Sarah’s go to wrecking machine for making sure she ‘got ’em good’. The ‘Mech is ten dollars, and aside from sales tax all the money goes to Canadian cancer research. Sarah’s Jenner has raised nearly $30,000 for cancer research as of July 24th. Not too bad. That also means there are 3,000 brand new JR-7D/Ses out there to make life difficult for the rest of us.

We might not all have Sarah’s indomitable will to not let a fatal disease get in the way of the game she loved, but we get to remember her through her ‘Mech and help fund a good cause. Games just don’t get any better than positively affecting the real world. Game on, and Get ’em Good!

Well bargained, and done.

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One thought on “Sarah’s Jenner is Now Available at MechWarrior Online

  1. Mark Blackburn

    nice to see Sarah got a SARNA entry she will forever be apart of battletech/MWO history now :-)


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