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BattleCorps Author Interview: Cody Ouellette

 The canon of official BattleTech continues to grow, and in my endless quest to get to know the people who are shaping what is to come, and what has already passed, I was able to catch the ear of BattleCorps author Cody Ouellette just long enough to get him to answer a few questions for me about his personal BattleTech journey and about his dreams to write BattleTech fiction.

Here is what Cody had to say:

Dave:  What was your first experience with the BattleTech universe?

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BattleCorps Author Interview: Patrick Tomlinson

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BattleTech is a game and a universe that is driven by its lore. Many of us who love the game and its stories have a deep connection because of the novels and story-rich sourcebooks and supplements that have been published over the years.

While it’s been a few years since any of us have seen BattleTech or MechWarrior novels on a book store shelf, BattleCorps has continued the effort to provide us with the best in a continually growing lexicon of official BattleTech lore, continuing the work that the dozens of novels started.

We were able to track down Patrick Tomlinson, one of the authors who have recently contributed to the body of works found at BattleCorps. Below is what he had to say about BattleTech, MechWarrior Online, writing, and anything else he wanted to mention.

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BattleCorps Author Interview: Jennifer Brozek

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The BattleTech universe has a rich history, full of lore. Developed not only by the sourcebooks and supplements for the game, the story of BattleTech has played out in novels for well over twenty years.

Today, many years after the last novel to be published has disappeared from book store shelves, authors continue to grow, shape, and expand the BattleTech universe through BattleCorps. Dedicated to expanding the body of literature available to fans, BattleCorps has been publishing short stories, compilation volumes, and even a few full-length novels since 2002.

We recently caught up with BattleCorps author Jennifer Brozek and were able to ask her some questions about her writing, her BattleTech story, and her experience as a fan of BattleTech and MechWarrior.

Dave: What was your first experience with the BattleTech universe?

JB: It was years ago when I discovered one of the BattleTech novels. I don’t remember which one now because I was such a voracious reader at the time. I remember loving the big stompy robots. They reminded me so much of Robotech—a cartoon I was a big fan of.

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