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Let’s Play BattleTech: Com Guard vs. Clan Coyote

We decided that it was time for a game of BattleTech.

With all of the other aspects of the BattleTech hobby available, such as online gaming with MechWarrior Online, miniatures modeling and painting, fiction to read from novels and BattleCorps, and then a host of other distractions like my buddy finally talking me into Diablo III (Crusader class finally sold me on it!), it’s fairly easy to discover that I haven’t played an actual game of BattleTech in about a year.

I’m almost ashamed to admit to it, but I think a lot of you out there are in the same boat.

Well, it was time to rectify the situation. A few minutes of planning and a buddy coming over later, and we had us a game ready to go.

The Forces

We decided on a game ultimately controllable proportions, and it was agreed that I should field my full and recently painted Clan Coyote Star. My opponent decided to take my painted Com Guard Level II, so we could play with all painted minis. The rosters are listed below.

Clan Coyote Star

Savage Coyote C – Gunnery 2/Piloting 2 – 6,254BV2

Timber Wolf E – Gunnery 3/Piloting 3 – 3,813BV2

Septicemia B – Gunnery 3/Piloting 3 – 3,604BV2

Highlander IIC 2 – Gunnery 3/Piloting 3 – 4,568BV2

Guillotine IIC – Gunnery 3/Piloting 3 – 3,708BV2

Clan Coyote Star BV2 Total: 21,947

Clan Coyote Star

Clan Coyote Star

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