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The Clans of Kerensky, Part One: Rise of the Clans

Symbol of the Clans

This ongoing series attempts to cover the impact that the Clans, both as a society and as individual entities, have had on the Inner Sphere, since their arrival in 3050 to the present year of 3145.

Nearly a century has passed since the descendants of the Star League Defense Force returned to the Inner Sphere as the Clans. The landscape of the Inner Sphere, both political and physical, has been irreparably changed by their arrival, and Clans’ mark upon the history of humankind will forever be remembered.

The purpose of this series is to explore the origins of each Clan and its history and effect on the course of history, from the great Exodus of General Aleksandr Kerensky all the way to the present day. The Clans fascinate and terrify all in one look, and the majority of the Inner Sphere still does not fully understand the nature of their culture, traditions, and unique experiences that have forged each of today’s remaining Clans into what they are. Continue reading