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RetroWarrior: Heavy Gear

It wasn’t long after the last expansion pack for MechWarrior 2 hit disc drives across the US when gamers-our teeth newly cut on 3D graphics, craved more. Even though I had no PC of my own yet at this time, I’d had dozens of hours of time running ‘Mechs. Then I ran into something called Heavy Gear, and my PC-imbued friends began to be mooched upon once again.

The first Heavy Gear was released in 1997 by Activision; fresh off their MechWarrior 2 game. HG1 used quite a bit of MW2 Mercenaries source code sound effects, and other features, so for us MechWarrior freaks it was a rather smooth transition considering ‘Gears are more like protomechs in size and loadout.

Can't get enough mid '90s combat 'mech action? Gear Up!

Can’t get enough mid ’90s combat ‘mech action? Gear Up!

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