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Alpha Strike mod for Table Top Simulator

A chance interception on Reddit alerted me to this new work-in-progress game mod for TableTop Simulator on the Steam Network. TTS is kind of a virtual reality environment for playing tabletop games. You manually move the pieces, dice and sheets interactively – just using a mouse instead of your hand.

I was told by one of the users that the BattleTech mod uses map tiles and differing altitude levels, which suggests a measure of customizability to the environment. Though they and the assorted models and preset record sheets are fairly limited in number at the moment. There are nineteen ‘spheroid ‘mechs in the first mech pack. Turduckens has a number of these terrains to choose from, including River Map, Open Terrain, etc. Traditional rule sets for BattleTech have also proven to be  too clunky to be used in TTS, but Alpha Strike works very well. Even when fighting with a company or more on each side. It almost reminds me of a less-flashy prototype of what MechWarrior Tactics was trying for.

It’s certainly no MegaMek – but perhaps that’s a good thing. With a simple rule set and richer graphical experience, not to mention Steam Network’s voice chat system, ‘River map’ might develop into quite a compliment to MegaMek.

Thanks to Tipsymahn260 for the image.

Thanks to Tipsymahn260 for the image.

If you’re on Steam and feel like a game of Alpha Strike, or just want to check out the virtual models, it might be worth a look.

New Interactive BattleTech Star Chart

In September, MechFactory released a new and improved iteration of their ISCP, or Inner Sphere Cartography Project. This was announced on their main page which includes an overview of its changes.

For more we asked MechFactory’s owner, Pheonix Wolf about the changes:

BobTheZombie: How and when did this project get started?

Phoenix Wolf: An early idea to create an interactive stellar map of all known BattleTech worlds appeared around 2001. That time we had only a deprecated 16 bit program and a text file with coordinates for 3025-era planets. I thought that a better, usable internet-based map would be a great tool for BattleTech players – especially for those people, who –like my team- are playing BattleTech RPG (MechWarrior was the name at that time). I took the data and began building the first mapping system on php/javascript basis.

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MegaMek Announces Map Editor


Playing BattleTech since 2750

On Saturday, August 2, developers for MegaMek released a preliminary version of a map editor feature for MegaMek.  This will allow players to edit their maps prior to playing, so that they can play on a map they modified.  This highly anticipated feature is in the earliest, debugging stages.

MegaMek is a great way to play the BattleTech game online with some friends.  You just have to have a device that runs Java, and download the free client.  There are numerous programs that run with it to create campaigns, online worlds, and more.  Check out MegaMek and give it a spin.

Interactive BattleTech Star Chart

Once again Reddit has provided a source of fan-based ingenuity and useful content. Cryp71c is in production on a fully interactive Inner Sphere through deep periphery star chart that, among many other things will show political affiliation of each known planet in the BattleTech universe across THIRTY separate time periods.

As mind-bogglingly vast as the BattleTech universe is, let’s just say I’m highly impressed by this undertaking. Already, the site uses mouse and certain keyboard inputs to pan and zoom, and cursor rollovers reveal the system’s name. Future updates will include canon planetary descriptions, gravity, moons, atmospheric data, USIIR ratings, known jump points, system history; even available terrain features with a single click.

The Inner Sphere: The Not-So Final Frontier...

The Inner Sphere: The Not-So Final Frontier…

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My Five Favorite Maps

No matter what units you are using, or where you are playing, or what books you read, every game is played somewhere.  You might have a battle without BattleMechs or supplements or Technical Readouts.  But you have to play on a map or terrain.  Numerous maps were made down through the years for the wargame.  Which ones are the best?

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Get Your Map On

I don’t know what it is, but there is something about gaming maps that I just love.  I adore collecting maps from various games and having a huge store of maps to use from various locations.  It’s a lot of fun to have a nice big collection of maps for a variety of occasions.

So when you play BattleTech, where do you get your maps?  Are you still playing on the hex maps made long ago for the game?  Do you play with 3-d terrain or maps?  Maybe you download some maps online and print them out.  Some of you might even make your own maps using various programs and print them for play.  Today let’s look at several map ideas, and then hope that you can add some of the things you are doing in the comments.

Into the Water we Go

Into the Water we Go

A few years ago I realized that I didn’t have all of the mappacks that were officially released for the game. I was missing Map Set #4, which had a lot of water maps.  I managed to pick it up and complete my collection.  You can check out the wiki page to see if you have all of the maps.

A lot of games have hexmaps as part of their game.  You can even buy generic hexmaps in gaming stores or through online venues that are designed to be used in multiple games.

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