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First Time For Everything: A BattleTech Tournament

Having just left the Renaissance Pleasure Faire (another wonderful nerdy experience for anyone who hasn’t tried it), I headed down the 54 freeway to a small game shop. This area is completely unfamiliar to me, yet I have a sixth sense as to where this place may be. It must be the inner table top gamer yearning for well-painted miniatures and well-loved lore.

The SoCal 2013 BattleTech tournament is held in Fullerton. Stepping inside, you see everything you need to know about BattleTech: technical readouts, sourcebooks, well painted terrain, and most importantly, BattleMechs.

Playing with BattleMechs on an actual table is something that has always escaped this lifelong fan of the BattleTech universe. Yet, in this store, located in the middle of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, fans and players of the BattleTech universe converged.

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