The Black Pants Legion Presents: The Hunchback, Coming August 26

Tex Talks Battletech: The Hunchback (Trailer)
Watch this video on YouTube.

Of all BattleTech‘s content creators (and I know there are lots of you out there), The Black Pants Legion has produced my favorite deep-dive videos of BattleMechs. Ever since Tex’s sultry voice provided us with a nearly nine-minute retrospective of the Atlas, The Black Pants Legion has produced larger, more informative, and vastly more entertaining videos. And while most of these videos deal with specific ‘Mech models (such as the most recent Charger video), The Black Pants Legion has also covered some of BattleTech‘s most pivotal moments, from the Clan Invasion and the Battle of Tukayyid to the Amaris Civil War.

Although these videos started out with just animated images of old sourcebooks, recent videos have commissioned art, full animations, original songs, and even 3D models of the quality you’d expect to find in something like MechWarrior Online. The Black Pants Legion is producing BattleTech content of a size and scale that this universe has never seen. And to keep this machine running, we need you to do just one thing: watch it.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that Tex Talks BattleTech: The Hunchback arrives on August 26.

In addition to the kind of quality content you won’t find anywhere else, the Hunchback video will also mark the start of a fundraising drive to help charities supporting research to end Multiple Sclerosis (MS). You’ll actually note that every Tex Talks has an associated fundraising drive with an eminently worthy cause, and the Hunchback will be no different.

So please mark your calendars and subscribe to the Black Pants Legion to watch The Hunchback live on YouTube.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something to lighten the mood in these dark times, the good people of Van Zandt have created a BattleTech-themed sing-along. Nobody can feel bad in a sing-along.

Watch this video on YouTube.

And as always, MechWarriors: Stay Syrupy.

stay syrupy

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Hooked on BattleTech at an early age, Sean honestly can't remember whether it was the cartoon, the serial novels or the short-lived TCG that did him in. Whatever it was, his passion for giant shooty robots never died, so now he writes about the latest and greatest in 'Mech related news.

15 thoughts on “The Black Pants Legion Presents: The Hunchback, Coming August 26

  1. Steel Shanks

    Going to be a great history on the Hunchback… Will even include the Hunchback-4N, a rarer model of Hunchback…

  2. Wolfbane2004

    Gotta wonder how much time Randolph P Checkers, Esq. will devote to making fun of the Hunchback IIC and pointing out that IS Mercs do a better Hunchback IIC by yeeting out one UAC/20 for more armor, more heat sinks and if possible sneak a couple lasers in. And yes you know he will make fun of the concept of the IIC variation. Also makes me wonder if he’ll break his usual not talk about anything beyond 3067 and have a blurb about the Quasimodo.

    Then again, that depends if Comstar finally decides to yank the plug on his lectures on Van Zandt due to the “Fiesta Pail” incident. XD

  3. Theo

    I was once driven out of a Discord server when people found out I was a BattleTech fan because everyone there believes this community to be a haven for neo-Nazis now that 40K has “gone woke.”
    They got that idea in large part because of that time Tex did a podcast with a Nazi and got mad at people who didn’t like that.
    So, y’know, I think I’ll give this a pass.

    1. Sean Post author

      I’ve spoken with Tex, and he regrets that particular podcast. He told me that he had no idea of this person’s Nazi sympathies and thought he was just spreading the good word of BattleTech as he always has. I hope that one mistake won’t turn you off from the wonderful work that The Black Pants Legion is doing for BattleTech and beyond.

      As for BattleTech being a haven for neo-Nazis, I think you can send them the BattleTech Pride Anthology to prove how BattleTech is for everyone EXCEPT neo-Nazis.

      1. Steel Shanks

        Confused… What does the Pride Anthology have to do with anything? Except it being a shameless plug perhaps…

        It’s odd… So anyone who does like and or accept the Pride Anthology isn’t a Nazi? But then are automatically a Nazi if they don’t accept it? That seems to be what yer implying?? Lol… Ok…

        I’ve played BattleTech AND 40k for 20+ years now… Never met a Nazi in either game lol. Where did this idea come from? Is this just an Urban Legend that went amok? Is there perhaps 1% Nazi’s maybe, so now everyone’s a Nazi? Very confusing…

        Tex is a great guy, and so is the Legion. The Tex Talks BattleTech is made purely for the love of BattleTech. I encourage ALL to check it out. It’s great stuff…

      2. Don Quixote

        When exactly did Arch express any “Nazi sympathies”? Also like the other comment asked, if someone doesn’t care for the forced rainbow anthology, does that make them a notsee? You seem to be implying that strongly.

    2. Nwas

      I get it, man, and you got every right to watch or don’t. But I do hope you’ll give it a reconsideration. Not every Nazi clown wears an obvious uniform. And just because someone you don’t like is in a hobby doesn’t mean you can’t be, too. Would every single Pokemon player bail on the game if they found out some serial killer played it? I suppose you could just get into hobbies where you know ONLY good people play, but I think you’d find it lonely.

      I’m just saying that, hey, it’s not always easy to tell that bad folks from the good ones. That’s literally the lesson of the Inner Sphere, now that I think of it. But I do hope you’ll circle back around. Tex is good people, and the Legion are basically just shitposters who like to play games and make things.

    3. Goodnight, Gyr

      Either Tex is one of the most subtle cryptos I’ve ever seen, or, well, he isn’t. Given how blunt Arch’s clues were (and the tendency of those like him to be obvious in their double-meaning and signifiers), I’m inclined to think Tex isn’t a hate-filled quack like Arch.

      1. Goodnight, Gyr

        Hello, quack. Never called Arch a nazi. He’s an incurious fool, and evidently his apologists aren’t much better.

        1. The_RyujinLP

          You only implied it so F you and your BS passive aggressiveness. Also see you can’t address any of my points. The only quacj and fool here is you and others like you.

          Arch is someone I only watch sometimes, don’t dislike him but he’s in my, if no one else I watch uploaded today category. I’m just getting tired of idiots like you going after ppl who just don’t want you weirdos infesting out hobbies. All you weirdos do is come in, gate jeep the real fans out, call them names and then use the husk of the hobby to push you disgusting and actually bigoted authoritarian nonsense. On that I stand with Arch.

    4. StopLyingBro

      “I was once driven out of a Discord server when people found out I was a BattleTech fan because everyone there believes this community to be a haven for neo-Nazis now that 40K has “gone woke.”
      They got that idea in large part because of that time Tex did a podcast with a Nazi and got mad at people who didn’t like that.”

      I’ll take “Things that never happened” for $1000, Alex.


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