The Return of Kerensky! The Clans Come To MechWarrior Online!

After years of anticipation, the Clans are now finally coming to MechWarrior Online. Known to the lore as “Operation Revival,” the Clans returned to the Inner Sphere after centuries. Now their wonderful and iconic OmniMechs (not BattleMechs!) will be laying waste to a match near you.


As like previous pre-orders, you can buy up to assault-class OmniMechs and get all of the lighter weight ‘Mechs along with it. The full $240 dollar package (the Masakari package) gets you eight Clan OmniMechs: the Warhawk/Masakari, Timber Wolf/Mad Cat, Stormcrow/Ryoken, Adder/Puma, Dire Wolf/, Summoner/Thor, Nova/Black Hawk, and the Kit Fox/Uller. You also get all of the variants for each OmniMech.

There is also a “Gold” package which gets you gold skinned, limited edition Clan OmniMech. Each one goes for 500 dollars.

I, for one, am both apprehensive and excited to see Clan ‘Mechs coming to MWO. I will warn everyone: their release will probably be overpowered those first few months, and it should be! The first year of the Clan Invasion (lore wise), saw the Clans (Wolf, Jade Falcon, Ghost Bear, and Smoke Jaguar) blitz their way through the Lyran Commonwealth, Free Rasalhague Republic and the Draconis Combine. Only the death of IlKhan Showers slowed their advance, and the return to the invasion heralded the coming of two more Clans: Steel Viper and Nova Cat.

The Clans laid waste to their Inner Sphere opponents. I suspect that will happen to many of us who are Spheroid loyalists. I expect to be headshot by Clan Gauss Rifles for a long time, at least until we start accumulating enough money to outfit our own BattleMechs with Clan technology! I know I’m going to keep riding my Victor into the jaws of Clan Trueborns.

But… I may splurge and get a Dire Wolf. Just because that 100 ton monster will go great with my other collection of assault ‘Mechs.

Write in the comments your opinion on the inclusion of Clan ‘Mechs, and don’t forget to check out the MWO site for more information on how to go about buying your OmniMechs!

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One thought on “The Return of Kerensky! The Clans Come To MechWarrior Online!

  1. Pht

    You need not worry too much about the clan ‘mechs being overpowered in MWO. The MWO development/creative team have repeatedly pointed out that we should NOT expect the full clan tech advantage. They’re going down the “nerf the clan tech stats” route; and in one of the past NGNG podcasts in which bryan or russ was interviewed it was stated that the clan tech would be brought down to a level which would not mean that everyone would be trying to get clan tech and dump their IS tech. <– This is not word for word, but I think it is a fair reading and truly what was meant at the time. I haven't seen any reason since to think they've changed their mind on this topic.


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