UPDATE: Clain Invastion Kickstarter Delayed To July

Stone Rhino

In our recent March update, we found out that the Clan Invasion Kickstarter was sadly going to be delayed as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This was pretty much guaranteed as the ongoing outbreak continues to play havoc with the global economy as well as global supply chains.

We didn’t know how long the delay would be, but we do now: 2 more months.

Our first delay pushed production from March to May, but now we’re going to be waiting until July for the first wave of box sets to get in the mail.

“Our primary factory responsible for ALL plastics and 90% of the product for this Kickstarter Campaign has reportedly just come back up to 80% of their normal production speed,” wrote Catalyst in their most recent update. “Currently, they won’t promise anything before July, 2020.”

Keep in mind that’s a best-case scenario. We might be looking at later in the summer for the first wave to come out. Personally, if the pandemic gets even worse in the US, I think we might be waiting till the fall. But what can you do? Other than try to encourage China to close their illegal wildlife markets that allowed COVID-19 to jump from bats to humans in the first place.

Anywhoodle, the good news is that we’ll have some sample products to check out soon, and Catalyst has recently released Technical Readout: Jihad on PDF. Oh, and there’s still that BattleTech coloring book, which is all kinds of amazing and even for all ages of BattleTech fan. Oh, and have a Stone Rhino.

And as always, MechWarriors: Stay Syrupy.

stay syrupy

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8 thoughts on “UPDATE: Clain Invastion Kickstarter Delayed To July

    1. RobertVeggies

      They are, however, at least arguably illegal by UN and international treaty standards.
      Now, “International Law” has always been a concept of… shaky… strength.

  1. Ken

    No one is gonna say anything about the clain invasion?

    I kinda wanna see a book about that now… a bunch of people calling themselves the clains rolling over the inter sphere until con-stur stops their advance on the planet turduckin…

  2. Rob C.

    I know this is a late comment, but i find it very surprising that the Stone Rhino is restored almost to its original form. I do wonder why they didn’t try make arms lasers look like they were lasers.

  3. Max Brandt

    I’ve always like the way the Stone Rhino mech looked, menacing and purposeful. I really wish someone would make a line of 1/100 scale model kits of these battlemechs, like the Stone Rhino or the Shadow Cat, the Hatchetman or anyone of the noted mechs, maybe even a Griffon or Blackjack…just a thought.
    The coloring book sounds fun!

  4. RobertVeggies

    Honestly, since I didn’t expect to get my mechs until June ORIGINALLY, I’m still impressed by how well Catalyst is managing EVERYTHING.


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