What’s up with Catalyst? at GenCon 2018

GenCon 2018 is almost a wrap, and Catalyst Game Labs had a What’s up with Catalyst? session where the-powers-that-be shared insights into the BattleTech product line and the future of CGL.  Present were Loren L. Coleman (owner), Randall N. Bills (managing director), Brent Evans (BattleTech line developer), John Helfers (fiction director) and others.

GenCon panel

The group covered a lot of topics, and here are the highlights!

  • BattleTech: Legacy, an anthology, is now back in print and was supposed to be at the GenCon booth, but was not available in time.  It should be available in the next 30 days or so.
    BattleTech: Legacy cover
  • BattleTech: A Splinter of Hope/The Anvil (a novella omnibus) by Philip A. Lee and Blaine Lee Pardoe was available but sold out in short order.
  • The Nellus Academy Incident, a young-adult BattleTech novel by Jennifer Brozek is also available (on Amazon).
    Nellus Academy
  • Audiobooks are being released for BattleTech fiction!  First up is Embers of War, narrated by Tren Sparks.  Catalyst is working towards releasing more BattleTech and Shadowrun audiobooks, and will be alternating releases between the universes. Today you can purchase the Embers of War audiobook on Amazon.
  • Reprints of BattleTech: Total Warfare are in, and were available GenCon, with the nice retro 1987 BattleTech Manual cover:
    Total Warfare cover
  • Reprints of the other BattleTech core rulebook are on the way, including TechManual, Tactical Operations, Strategic Operations, and A Time of War.
  • The new boxed sets were available for purchase!  BattleTech Beginner Boxed Set and BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat both sold out by noon on Thursday.  They should be available in stores around October:
    BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat
  • Shattered Fortress was released at GenCon, and is essentially part 1 of 2 of the IlClan storyline.  We can hope for part 2 at next year’s GenCon:
    Shattered Fortress To Debut At GenCon
  • New Map Packs are coming soon, and were available for preview at the GenCon booth.  Six all-new maps, “designed to be easier to use and clearer to understand than ever before“.
  • There were some cool 12-inch tall 3D-printed mechs in the booth that were being played on a 10×10′ scaled-up map:
    Booth 1
    Booth 2
  • This menacing, torso twisting (remote-controlled) ‘Mech greeted you at the booth:
    Booth 3
  • Some fun energy-drinks were also available for purchase (Loren claims they taste just fine…):
    Energy Drinks
  • Between now and next year, we can expect a lot of new novels (e.g. Forever Faithful by Mr. Pardoe), and more.  Check out the Upcoming Releases page for more details.
  • Loren made no additional comment on the Harmony Gold Lawsuit, and redirected everyone to read the public statement (though he said he is pretty happy with how it turned out).
  • Catalyst has been diversifying into board games (and has some neat little gems like The Duke).  Dragonfire has also been very successful, and they’re hoping they can continue the trend.  They’re working on a few new ideas!
  • Next year will be BattleTech’s 35th anniversary!  There might just be a few special things to celebrate it.
  • Catalyst will also be at PAX West, PAX Unplugged and Mech_Con later this year.

Additional booth pics:

Booth 4 Booth 5 Booth 6

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7 thoughts on “What’s up with Catalyst? at GenCon 2018

  1. Netzbummler

    I’d like to know more about the new Technical Readout that is shown in one of the photos. Does anyone know more?

    1. Zellbringen

      The Clan Invasion TRO was not on sale this year just on display. I expect it to be a reprint of 3050 with some additions much as the Succession War TRO was with 3039.

    2. JPArbiter

      that was a proof of concept book rather then a full TRO. continuing from TRO Succession Wars, it is meant to be a one stop shop for the “Clan Invasion” period. so I would expect mechs from TRO 3050, 3055, 3058, and 3060 to appear.

  2. Lambda Futile

    It’s nice to see the old “unseen” mechs return as facelifted designs! What I keep wondering: Will/is the map of the new beginners box included in the bigger box as well? And will the maps be released individually later?


  3. Zellbringen

    Gen Con was a blast. Got both of the box sets and was able to play a quick game with the 12 inch mechs. But some of the best things I got was a Wasp and Valkyrie limited addition metal minis at the booth.

    For anyone wondering when the new Unseen models will make it over to Ironwind, don’t hold your breath. Talked with one of the Catalyst team while I was there. Due to Ironwind not being part of the lawsuit with HG, their law team has advised not to take the chance. At least where the Robotech inspired unseen are concerned we won’t see any. But I look forward to the new art for the Crusader.

    1. Geont

      So we have to pray that new box sets will sell as fast as on GenCon 2018 to get more plastic Unseen? I hoped that IWM wouldn’t be affected but that were only my hopes.

  4. James

    They had the unseen Marauder, Archer, and a couple others ar PAX West. They were not for sale but I got to play with them, hold them in my hands and be very happy. They didn’t have any of the new starter boxes. Hope we see this stuff for sale soon.


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