What’s up with Catalyst? at GenCon 2019

With GenCon 2019 behind us, I can share a few tidbits from the Catalyst Game Labs crew via their What’s up with Catalyst? session.

Present were John Helfers (fiction director), Bryn Bills (Leviathans line developer), Randall N. Bills (managing director), Loren L. Coleman (owner), Brent Evans (BattleTech line developer), and Jason Hardy (Shadowrun line developer).

Catalyst Game Labs crew


Additional booth and product pics:

The session was recorded! Click below to watch on YouTube:

GenCon 2019 What's up with CGL

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8 thoughts on “What’s up with Catalyst? at GenCon 2019

  1. Frabby

    In response to the What’s Up With Catalyst video: Thanks for the nice words re: Sarna, Brent!

  2. Rob C.

    I was disappointed that there there wasn’t any announcements of up and coming products we weren’t aware of.

    The new TROs are now only Mech oriented from everything I’ve see as part of the new player promotion, which i don’t completely agree with leaving out vehicles, aerospace stuff, and other units.

  3. Eviscerator

    Not even sorry about screwing over their customers by going Epic exclusive. And they want me to pay again to resurrect Leviathans after dumping 200 dollars initially? HAH!


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