Seamus MacNaughton

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Seamus MacNaughton
Also known as "Mad Dog"
Profession Arena Gladiator

Seamus "Mad Dog" MacNaughton was a MechWarrior fighting in the Solaris Games.


"Mad Dog" MacNaughton was the pilot of "Master Blaster", the first prototype of the BMB-010 Bombard developed by Solaris Arms in 3054. MacNaughton was able to take his first few opponents by surprise, his opponents unprepared for such a light 'Mech to carry two mammoth autocannons, raising considerable interest in the design. Catching the attention of a top promoter, "Mad Dog" MacNaughton fought a number of duels over the next few years until his promoter booked a match against Clan Invasion veteran Roman Welles in the Davion Arena.[1] [2]

Though Welles was piloting a much lighter Wolfhound, he was ready and able to adapt for Bombard's barrage and take advantage of its pathetic mobility, handing "Mad Dog" a humiliating defeat. The reputation and futures of both MacNaughton and the Bombard were shattered by this loss and as a result of it no stable or cooperative on Solaris would hire him and the mech. [1] [2]


In 3054 MacNaughton was piloting a BMB-010 Bombard, the Master Blaster.[1] [2]


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