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"Mother of Resistance" Dead on Vipaava

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"Mother of Resistance" Dead on Vipaava
Story information
Author Patrick Wynne
Pages 2
Type In-Universe Media
Product Shrapnel Issue 1
Era Dark Age Era
Agency Dominion Public Report
Universe Date 3125

"Mother of Resistance" Dead on Vipaava was a in-universe article released by the Dominion Public Report, a source loyal to the Rasalhague Dominion. It was written by Patrick Wynne and published in the first issue of Shrapnel.

Plot summary[edit]

Cilla Amdahl, a leader of the Motstånd rebels known as "Mother of Resistance" was killed on Vipaava by Galaxy Commander Dalia Bekker's Alpha Galaxy.

She was captured after a brief firefight in the Blue Road cave systems and then executed in accordance with Insurgent Order 17.

Her death was the latest, and it was hoped last, in a series of defeats for the Motstånd. Just previously their military forces were defeated on Balsta and Predlitz. Their BattleMech forces were two regiments strong, the First and Second Snapphanar. Given the age and design of their equipment the Dominion Watch believes they were equipped with equipment from the Republic's Military Materiel Redemption Program.

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