Battle Armor Taser

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Battle armor taser


The Battle Armor Taser or 'Mech Taser Rifle is a unique battle armor weapon first introduced by the Word of Blake as a means of disabling BattleMechs. Development of the weapon system first began in 3060, with initial prototypes released in 3065 and the final production model in 3067. The Taser uses the same firing mechanism as Gauss rifle-type weapons to deliver a wire-guided, armor-piercing harpoon which, once secured to the target, delivers a massive power dump from ultrahigh-power energy cells. The resulting electromagnetic surge is enough to temporarily overload the electrical systems of the target 'Mech and in most cases cause it to shut down.[1][2]

Actually using the Taser entails a number of risks to the firer however, such that it's almost more trouble than it's worth. The immense amount of energy contained within the capacitors, along with the occasional countersurge which occurs when both weapon and target are connected, can cause a dangerous feedback effect which may even rupture the power cells. Heavy shielding is used to contain any explosive results, but even then the feedback effect is still capable of overloading the suit's own electrical systems. Therefore even among Blakist forces the Taser was a rare sight on the battlefield.[1][2]


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