101st Battle Cluster (Clan Jade Falcon)

One Hundred and First Battle Cluster
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Alpha Galaxy


After more than ten years of occupation by the renegade scientist and after Etienne's attacks on the Clan Jade Falcon Warrior Caste, in November of 3073, Kael Pershaw led the Falcon's Alpha Galaxy - the heart of his task force - along with the WarShips CJF Falcon's Nest, CJF Hawk Eye, and CJF Turkina's Pride, to Etienne's Sanctuary after following the trail to this planet. Kael Pershaw personally lead a Star of ground troops and Elementals, a wounded Pershaw and company would find their way to the heart of Etienne's redoubt after the Falcon's 101st Battle Cluster breached the walls. There, Pershaw personally shot Etienne through the face upon recognizing him, just prior to succumbing to his own wounds sustained during the fighting. After all Society personal were cut down, the survivors withdrew. An Orbital Bombardment commenced in righteous fury, leaving little except ashes and rubble.[1][2]

The fight was not cheap for Clan Jade Falcon forces. The CSF Hawk Eye was lost during the initial approach to Etienne's Sanctuary, after being struck with some form of weaponised HPG pulse that took control of the Hawk Eye's systems and forced it to jump. As the Hawk Eye was mid-transit between the jump point and the planet this resulted in the annihilation of the Hawk Eye, although the loss didn't deter the Falcons from their objective.[2]

After safely delivering Alpha Galaxy to the surface of the planet, the Turkina's Pride and the Falcon's Nest remained on station until the Falcon ground forces had been proved victorious and Balzac had been executed by Pershaw. Pershaw ordered the surviving warriors to withdraw before ordering the Turkina's Pride and the Falcon's Nest to bombard the site of Balzac's fortress from orbit. As the two battleships began their bombardment an SDS system on the planet launched a slew of nuclear missiles at the two Falcon WarShips; most were destroyed or deflected after launch, but two struck the Falcon's Nest, and the resulting nuclear explosions gutted the ship, with the fragmented wreckage subsequently burning up in the atmosphere of the planet.[2]

The Turkina's Pride continued to bombard the surface of the planet until everything within a ten kilometer radius of the fortress had been flattened; Falcon ground forces then spent another month searching the surface of the world, destroying two more Society hideouts in the process, before the Falcons were content that the threat from Balzac was over.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 101st Battle Cluster



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