103rd Striker (Clan Wolf)

103rd Striker Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname Red Thunder
Parent Formation Gamma Galaxy


The 103rd Striker Cluster was part of Alpha Galaxy in the short lived Clan Jade Wolf.[1]

The Cluster was stationed on Radstadt in 3059 and assigned to Gamma Galaxy.[2] It had become a dumping ground for second rate warriors and machines, causing it to have a very low morale. In 3058 a Trinary of former Clan Ice Hellion warriors was added to the cluster, these had been taken in the Harvest Trials.[3]

In 3060 forces from Clan Ghost Bear attacked Radstadt and after a long hard fought battle forced the 103rd Striker Cluster from the planet.[4] This loss prompted Khan Ward to shift Gamma Galaxy away from the Ghost Bear border. A move that the Galaxy Commander took personally and caused her to instigate tough reforms on the Cluster for its failure.[5]

By 3067 the Cluster had taken up a posting on Wheel. It had received new equipment, including OmniMechs and was considered a veteran front line formation.[6]

The Cluster was stationed on the world of Planting in 3085.[7]

By 3145 the Cluster had risen to elite status and was stationed on the Wolf Empire world of Shiloh.[8]

In May 3149 the 103rd assaulted Alhena, conquering that planet for the Wolf Empire and mauling the RAF's Eighth Triarii Protectors in the process.[9] In June the next year the Cluster was deployed to Wing as part of Anastasia Kerensky's force assigned to reclaim the world from a Republic counterattack.[10]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 103rd Striker
Star Colonel Cathleen Jorgensson 3058 - 3067[1][3][6]
Star Colonel Fabian Crow 3085[7]



Composition History[edit]


103rd Striker Cluster [1]

  • Command Trinary - 15 BattleMechs
  • Trinary Alpha - 15 BattleMechs and 5 Elemental Points - Star Captain Helen Misjak
  • Trinary Bravo - 5 BattleMechs and 15 Elemental Points - Star Captain Jordi Samis
  • Trinary Charlie - 15 BattleMechs and 5 Elemental Points - Star Captain Frances Acton
  • Trinary Delta - 3 Fighter Stars - Star Captain Nicole Twane


103rd Striker Cluster - Regular/Questionable [3]

Lacking OmniMechs it deploys mixed Trinaries of BattleMechs and Elementals


103rd Striker Cluster - Veteran/Reliable [6]

  • 98% full strength with 96% OmniMechs


103rd Striker Cluster - Veteran/Reliable [7]

  • 30% full strength with 75% OmniMechs


103rd Striker Cluster - Elite/Reliable [8]

  • 65% full strength with 80% OmniMechs



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