10th Alshain Regulars

Tenth Alshain Regulars
Formed 3029
Disbanded 3050[1]
Nickname Death Before Retreat [2]
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command Alshain Regulars


The Tenth Alshain Regulars had the misfortune to be stationed on Courchevel when the Clans launched Operation REVIVAL. Courchevel was conquered by Clan Smoke Jaguar in September 3050, during the Fourth Wave of REVIVAL. The Smoke Jaguars assigned elements of Beta Galaxy to the attack, which fell to the Trinary Command, First Assault Supernova and Second Assault Supernova of the 362nd Assault Cluster facing off against the defending Tenth. While the Tenth Regulars had prepared hardened positions on the Harcourt Plains to face the Smoke Jaguars, they were surprised on the first day of battle when the fast-moving 'Mechs of the two Supernovas arrived an hour early and caught them in the open. The engagement quickly became a bloodbath, with the Tenth fighting a series of intense battles to extricate themselves and fall back towards the rocky ground of Dragon's Rift. Star Colonel Emilie Wimmer had expected such a maneuver though, and her Command Trinary was waiting for them in the Rift when the DCMS forces arrived. The tattered regiment finally surrendered shortly after dawn on the second day.[1]

Although the 362nd Assault Cluster destroyed the Tenth, there were some survivors from the brutal Smoke Jaguar campaign - the "Shrieking Skies", the Tenth's aerospace contingent. The Shrieking Skies managed to escape from Courchevel, and the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery attached them to the Tenth Pesht Regulars, an assignment the survivors accepted as it would allow them to remain in the district from which many of them had been recruited.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 10th Alshain Regulars
Tai-sa France Zimmer 3050[4]



Composition History[edit]


Tenth Alshain Regulars (Regiment/Green/Questionable)[5]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Courchevel. [5]


Tenth Alshain Regulars (Regiment/Green/Questionable) [6]

  • CO: Tai-sa Franco Zimmer [6]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Courchevel. [6]


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