10th Army Group (Star League)

Tenth Army Group
Unit Profile (as of 2767)
Nickname Army Group Amaris
Parent Formation Star League Defense Force[1]


The Tenth Army Group - also known as Army Group Amaris - was the Star League Defense Force Army Group formed to command the various SLDF Armies responsible for the Rim Worlds Republic Military Region.[1]


In common with the other SLDF Army Groups, the Tenth Army Group was commanded by a General who answered only to the SLDF High Command and the First Lord of the Star League.[1]

Following the Birthday Proclamation issued in 2755 by the First Lord, all of the SLDF forces in the Rim Worlds Republic were withdrawn, although it took until 2758 for the last regiment to leave, with the constituent units distributed across other military regions..[2] At this point, there would have been no need for the Tenth Army Group as an organisation, but when Stefan Amaris launched his coup during the Periphery Uprising, Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky responded by declaring war on the Republic. Kerensky ordered the creation of the Fourteenth Army Group to command the invasion of the republic, with the Tenth Army Group providing support.[1]

Neither the Tenth nor the Fourteenth Army Groups were involved directly in Operation CHIEFTAIN, the liberation of the Terran Hegemony,[3] although a number of new Army Groups were created during the buildup to, and persecution of, CHIEFTAIN, and all of the SLDF troops in the Republic were pulled from the Republic during the campaign.[1] It's unclear when the Tenth Army Group was disbanded.

Composition History[edit]



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