118th Amaris Dragoons

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118th Amaris Dragoons
Unit Profile (as of 2766)
Parent Formation Amaris Dragoons


The 118th Amaris Dragoons were assigned responsibility for taking control of the Terran Hegemony world of Caph as a part of Operation APOTHEOSIS in late 2766. The 118th assumed control of the four Castles Brian on Caph in November, and anticipated an easy occupation of the important Hegemony world. Instead, the struggle for Caph would take years.[1]

In conjunction with Rim Worlds Republic units on every other world of the Hegemony, the 118th were due to seize control of the planetary HPG at 1700 hours Terran Standard Time on the 27th of December.[2] When the 118th moved to take control of the HPG they found themselves under attack; unbeknownst to the 118th and the other Republican-affiliated forces on Caph, five battalions of SLDF troops had deployed to Caph just a few weeks before to conduct training exercises in readiness for their imminent deployment to the Periphery. These battalions included two elite Special Forces Battalions, the 3378th and 3381st. The commanding officer of the 3378th, Major Derjan Sefik, had brought the 3378th into New Brunnel for a period of furlough shortly before the 118th Amaris Dragoons moved on the capital, and when Sefik learned of the 118th's deployment on "training" exercises he had decided to use the 118th as an unknowing part of a training exercise for the elite SLDF commandos.[1]

As Sefik's concerns mounted over the increasingly critical positions the 118th were taking up within Caph's capital city, he redeployed the 3378th to oppose any attack mounted by the 118th, and it was this redeployment that stymied the attempted takeover of the HPG. The 3378th attacked the 118th Amaris Dragoons within New Brunnel, inflicting significant damage on the Dragoons and considerably more damage on the battalion of mercenary forces due to support the 118th by performing security and clean-up duties. The result was a day-long battle between the two factions, one which tailed off after the ruler of Caph, Duchess Micha Confalonieri, broadcast a message announcing that the 118th and the other Republican forces were "liberators" and that the citizens of Caph should stop aiding any resistance to the Rim Worlds forces,[1] although this was not before the HPG had been destroyed in the fighting.[3]

The 118th were in control of New Brunnel at least nominally by the 28th of December, but within a few days Republican bases on Caph were being attacked by the SLDF units that had been deployed out in the field, and small parties of Republican forces were being ambushed and wiped out. This resulted in an escalating campaign of attack and counter-attack that culminated in the commanding officer of the 118th, Colonel Orestes Tomasevi, ordering that the barriers that surrounded many of the cities and settlements on Caph be destroyed or deactivated, allowing the local megafauna to spread into regions he believed the SLDF units were hiding and to punish the native population of Caph for sheltering the 118th's enemies.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of 118th Amaris Dragoons
Colonel Orestes Tomasevi 2766[1]



Composition History[edit]

In common with the other regiments of the Amaris Dragoons, the 118th would most likely have been an assault or heavy attack formation, although Dragoon regiments encompassed BattleMech, armor, infantry and aerospace formations.[4]


The Dragoons had a least one company of Ignis Support Tanks.[5]



Game Rules[edit]


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