11th Battle (Clan Wolf)

Battle 011th (Clan Wolf) logo.png
Eleventh Battle Cluster
Disbanded 3070 (Absorbed)
Nickname The Watchers;[1]
The Bronze Lancers;[2]
Blood Gallery (unofficial)[citation needed]
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Parent Command Gamma Galaxy (Until 3052)
Beta Galaxy (Until 3054)
Omega Galaxy


The 11th Battle Cluster is not a flashy unit, but its accomplishments throughout Clan Wolf history speak for themselves. More Bloodnamed warriors have come from the 11th than any other Cluster within the Wolf touman, a number that is demonstrated during formal events when a reading of the Blood List, the roll call of all Cluster members that went on to win a Bloodname, is read aloud. The high number of members that have earned Bloodnames has led the unit to be given the nickname of the "Blood Gallery".[3]

Despite this history, the first years of the Clan Invasion were not as glorious for the Cluster. The death of high-ranking officers in training accidents or in a crash of a civilian transport made many wonder if fortune was conspiring against them. These thoughts were compounded when the unit did not perform well in Trials or against Inner Sphere opponents. The Cluster's confidence was shaken enough by these events that a rumor began to spread that Star Colonel Abioseh Winson was deliberately losing bids at Trials to avoid any further disgrace.[3]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

Gamma's Insignia

As part of Gamma Galaxy the Eleventh Battle fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave Two[edit]

See Rodigo.

Wave Three[edit]

See Liezen.

Wave Four[edit]

See Stanzach.

Wave Five[edit]

See Maestu and Nox.


On Tukayyid the Eleventh Battle fought as part of Khan Natasha Kerensky's Task Force Widow, who were given the objective of taking Skupo and supporting saKhan Garth Radick's Task Force Tundra in their efforts to take Brno.[4]

Refusal War and aftermath[edit]

Beta's Insignia

The Eleventh Battle Cluster survived the Refusal War, but was trapped on Wotan. Being a staunch Warden Cluster Crusader Khan Vladimir Ward left it intact during his reform of Clan Wolf's touman so that its Warden members would be in one single unit. In an attempt to rid himself of these warriors, Ward transferred them to Beta Galaxy and utilized the Cluster in a number of battles in the hope that attrition would finally remove them.[1]

In the wake of the Refusal War, the Eleventh were instrumental in the success of the Harvest Trials. Their impact was huge and the isorla warriors they took filled the ranks of both Beta and Gamma Galaxies.[1]

As a further attempt to isolate Warden influence in his Clan, Khan Ward re-formed Omega Galaxy in 3063.[5] The Eleventh Battle Cluster was transferred to the new formation, which was then sent to the Periphery to hunt pirates. The Eleventh was posted to Oberon VI along with the Dark Keshik.[6] [7]

Clan Hell's Horses invasion and final fate[edit]

The Eleventh shared the fate of the majority of Omega Galaxy—based across Oberon VI, Nyserta, and Paulus Prime—when the Galaxy was challenged to a Harvest Trial by Clan Hell's Horses Khan James Cobb in November 3070. After Galaxy Commander Stevic Hawker was defeated by Khan Cobb, he and the Omega Galaxy bondsmen taken in the trials were Absorbed into the Horses touman.[8] [9] Only a portion of the Second Wolf Guards Grenadiers Cluster, approximately a Binary, were able to retreat to the Wolf OZ with hundreds of lower caste members and three dropships. [10]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 11th Battle
Star Colonel Abioseh Winson 3050 - 3052[11]
Star Colonel Bryon Kerensky 3058[12]
Star Colonel Stevic Hawker 3059[1]
Star Colonel Devon Ward 3067[7]


The Cluster is practiced at splitting an opponent's force, then wheeling on the enemy with concentrated fire.[1]

Composition History[edit]



Eleventh Battle Cluster - (Elite/Questionable)


In The Falcon and the Wolf sourcebook, there is a reference to the 1st Wolf Guard Battle Cluster with the nickname "The Watchers". As that is the nickname of the 11th Battle Cluster and the 11th is not mentioned in the sourcebook elsewhere, the 1st Wolf Guard reference may have been intended to be the 11th Battle.


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