11th Division (Word of Blake)

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11th Division (Word of Blake).jpg
Eleventh Division IV-sigma
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3076
Nickname Infinite Justice
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia

The Eleventh Division is a Jihad era Word of Blake Militia unit, whose existence was unknown until the war began. The Eleventh Division was noted for its brutal actions on the mercenary world of Galatea.


Sacking of Muphrid[edit]

The unit first appeared in its surprise assault of Muphrid in 3068. The deadly attack was spearheaded by nuclear armed Aerospace fighters shattering Muphrid's planetary command networks and wrecking its infrastructure to the point where it would be years before it recovered. However, the quick victory by the Eleventh Division created years of guerrilla warfare on Muphrid.[1]

Assault on Galatea[edit]

From Muphrid, elements of the Division struck Galatea in 3072. The Eleventh's forces were augmented by the Forty-seventh Shadow Division, and three supporting mercenary units, the Martian Cuirassiers, the Gray's Ghosts and Bullard's Armored Cavalry. The Eleventh Division and its other forces masked their units in the paint schemes of the Northwind Highlanders in their assault on the planet. The Eleventh formed the spearhead striking the mercenary world, disrupting the planet's security forces while rest of the Blake forces made their landings.[1][2]

Elements of the Eleventh remained on planet for a few years, headhunting mercenary forces that have formed a resistance to Blake's occupation of the planet. The Eleventh numbers were bolstered through salvage from fighting on the planet. This allowed them to hold the major cities on the planet against raids from mercenaries and local resistance groups.[1]

Under Siege by the Coalition[edit]

In November 3075, Devlin Stone's Coalition forces had landed and began fighting to retake the planet. Elements of the Eleventh Division bogged down the invaders in house to house fighting in Galatean City. This bought enough time for the rest of the Eleventh Division to maneuver itself fight them. The Eleventh managed bring itself to face ComStar's Seventy-ninth Division in the fighting. However, Coalition forces, namely the First Skye Jaegers attempted to flank them during their attack against the Seventy-ninth. Stealthy new assets, namely the newly deployed Bolla Stealth Tanks emerged from hiding and surprised the Jaegers. The Coalitions begun to make advances against the Eleventh Division's battle lines when the 103rd Division arrived via planetfall to assist 11th Division's enemies.[3]

In December, the Eleventh Division's headhunter units scored a victory, with the death of the 103rd Division's commander, Precentor Styven Kimmelry. Both ComStar's First Army units and the 1st Skye Jaegers command fell to the Seventy-ninth Division's Precentor, Louisa Draga. The death of Kimmelry gave her pause and caused her to pull her forces from city of Paphos, leaving 11th Division's two Level IIIs to face the Lyran's Jaegers. The Eleventh attempted to press them, but were rebuffed by the Jaegers.

At the end of the month, reinforcements belonging to the coalition forces had arrived in the form of the Tooth of Ymir and the Knights of St. Cameron. The additional forces aided in breaking down the Eleventh's forces at city of Pygmalion after three days of constant fighting. ComStar's 103rd Division found a breach in the units defenses and caused the Eleventh Division in the city to break into a rout, trying to reach their comrades in Paphos. However, they were destroyed.

The forces of the Eleventh Division in Paphos managed to break off their engagement with the Jaegers and flee the planet.[4] It was noted by intelligence Division that the Eleventh Division had less than single Level III formation worth of troops remaining.[5]


Following the casualties taken by the 11th Division on Galatea the Division was disbanded, with the survivors merged into the Second Division, which was itself destroyed on Dieron in 3078.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 11th Division


The Veteran Division specializes in deception and disguise.[7]

Composition History[edit]


Eleventh Division (Level IV)[1]


Eleventh Division (Level III)[5]



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