12th Division (Word of Blake)

12th Division (Word of Blake).jpg
12th Division
Formed 3066
Nickname Harbingers of Blake
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia

Unit Brief[edit]

One of the first "hidden" Word of Blake Divisions to be revealed, the unit was noted for operating in the former Marik space of the Word of Blake Protectorate during the Jihad.


The Harbingers of Blake was thought at the time of its appearance to be a unit that existed only on paper from various intelligence sources in '66. By Last of the Whitting Conferences, its existence was revealed. The unit became strengthened in 3070 with the mass defection of the Free Worlds League's 6th Free Worlds Legionnaires on Oliver. The Legionnaires were split up and formed the Harbingers' Dreams of Sunrise and Blessed Converts Level III units. Within a month of the Legionnaires' defection, the 12th Division was assaulted by a mercenary company, Legion of the Rising Sun. The Harbingers were victorious over them and shattered the mercenary command. Later that year in December, rebel Marik forces led by Alys Rousset-Marik attacked the Harbingers and extracted the last remaining company of the Legion of the planet.

As of 3075, the 12th Division is part of forces operating in the "Marik Quarter" of the Blake Protectorate.[1]

During Devlin Stone's invasion of the Word of Blake Protectorate in 3078, the Twelfth was stationed on New Earth with the 10th Division. It was one of the few Divisions to have escaped the Coalition forces, being listed as Missing In Action with its fate left as a mystery.[2]

The 12th Division was moved from base on orders from Precentor Martial of the Word of Blake Militia Cameron St. Jamais to locate the mercenary command Blanc's Coyotes, most probably in their homeworld of the Samoyedic Colonies. It is not known what happened there, but prior to the Regulan sterilization of Circinus, Precentor Decline Chaney ordered the remaining 12th to hide, and this one of the WoB units missing in action.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 12th Division
Precentor Decline Chaney 3078[3]


The 12th Division was specialized in defensive actions.[4]


  • Exact composition is unknown as of 3075, these are the reported formations operating within it.
  • Dreams of Sunrise III-Alpha
  • Blessed Converts III-Beta


As of this writing, it has not been made clear what the Twelfth Division was doing prior to the unit disappearing from the Protectorate after Operation: SCOUR.


Game Rules[edit]

Players may roll against the Random Rolling Table for House Marik. When the 12th Division is being used as the defender, it gains a positive modifier to its initiative rolls.[5]


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