133rd Jump Infantry Division

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133rd Jump Infantry Division
Unit Profile (as of 2764)
Nickname The Flying Nuns[1]
Parent Formation XXXI Corps
Formed Unknown
Disbanded 2782-2784[2]


The 133rd Jump Infantry Division was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.[3]


The 133rd formed a part of XXXI Corps, Thirteenth Army, and in 2764 was stationed in District 3 of the Lyran Commonwealth Military Region. Following the New Vandenberg Uprising and subsequent Periphery uprising the 133rd was deployed into the periphery in 2765.[3]

The 133rd took heavy losses during the Hegemony Campaign and the division was disbanded by 2784; elements of the division went on to join the Capellan Confederation and the Draconis Combine.[3] The DCMS used the two battalions of troops from recruited from the 133rd to create the new Twenty-third Dieron Regulars regiment in 2782; the two battalions of troops from the 133rd recruited by the CCAF were used to create the Eighth Andurien Hussars in 2784.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 133rd Jump Infantry Division



Composition History[edit]

As an SLDF jump infantry division the 133rd would have been formed from one brigade of BattleMech regiments and two brigades of jump infantry, which would have been supported by two Ground Aero Wings which protected and carried the infantry.[4]


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