13th Regulan Hussars

Insignia of the Regulan Hussars
Thirteenth Regulan Hussars
Formed By 3079[1]
Disbanded By 3085[2]
Affiliation Principality of Regulus
Parent Command Regulan Hussars


The Thirteenth Regulan Hussars regiment was formed up from former troops who had fought as part of the military of the Word of Blake Protectorate, who had fled to the Principality of Regulus and thrown themselves on the mercy of Prince Titus Cameron-Jones. Despite Prince Titus' hatred of the Word of Blake, he accepted the defectors and incorporated them into the Regulan Hussars brigade.[1]

The regiments that formed the Twelfth Regulan Hussars Thirteenth had been the First and Second Sirian Lancers, and had fought ferociously in support of the Blakists, up to and in some cases including the Coalition assault on Terra. All three regiments of the Lancers claimed that they had fought only to secure the freedom and protection of the worlds of the Sirian Concordance, and after surrending to the Coalition they requested to be incorporated into what would become the Republic Armed Forces. Shocked to learn that not only had their applications been rejected, but that the interim administration intended to prosecute a number of Lancer officers as war criminals. It was at this point that they made hasty progress for the Principality of Regulus.[3] The Thirteenth wouldn't serve for long in the Hussars, being lost in action before the end of the Jihad;[2] All three former Sirian Lancer regiments were deployed on the Regulan campaign in the former Circinus Federation, where they fought fanatically for the Regulan cause, but both the Twelfth and Thirteenth were both destroyed in action against the Blakists, leaving the Fourteenth Regulan Hussars as the last legacy of the Sirian Lancers brigade.[3]

Composition History[edit]


  • Thirteenth Regulan Hussars (Battalion/Green/Reliable)[1]
- At this point the Thirteenth Regular Hussars were based on Regulus. The Hussars were operating at less than two-thirds of full strength, but all of their equipment incorporated upgraded technology.



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