13th Stalking Horse

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13th Stalking Horse
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


The 13th Stalking Horse were formed in 3064 from former Ceti Hussars members and later joined by soldiers from every other House. One of the founders had good connections to Wolf's Dragoons and Jaime Wolf. The Dragoons' support was essential for the unit's buildup. As a sign of gratitude for this help, the Stalking Horse joined the AMC together with the Wild Geese.[citation needed]

The command battled against the Word of Blake and forces loyal to Katherine Steiner-Davion.[citation needed]

In 3069 the Stalking Horse's contract with the AFFC expired and they left the Federated Suns for Galatea to open new recruiting offices about to expand the AMC after the loss of Wolf's Dragoons. It was on the 8th of December 3069 that the 13th struck at the Free Worlds League world of Talitha.[1] The 13th took the fight to the WoB in 3071. On Spica they, together with the Wild Geese, faced furious defenders and retreated after sustaining heavy losses.[2] The battle stopped the flow of relief materials to the Steel Forest devastated after an industrial accident there two weeks prior to the attack. The battles disrupted the relief columns for all three days, making the denizens of the forest suffer. The Spica Protectorate Militia responded to the mercenaries' landings immediately with the Light of Devotion II-epsilon arriving within two hours of the mercenaries' DropShips landing and immediately brought the mercenaries under fire. They held their ground for six hours until the rest of the Blessed Solidity-III gamma arrived and forced the mercenaries on the defensive. The Protectorate Militia forced the Wild Geese's DropShips back into the air, making it impossible for the Geese to resupply with them. The Thirteenth sought the shelter of the edges of the Steel Forest, pursued by the balance of Blessed Solidity. They managed to break contact several times, but the Planetary Militia relocated them quickly every time. By the time the rest of the Planetary Militia units had contained the mercenaries, the Stalking Horse made a fighting retreat.[3]

The 13th Stalking Horse were a part of a Regulan task force led by the Fourth Regulan Hussars and sent to attack Gibson in August 3073, where they were destroyed at the hands of the Forty-ninth and Fifty-second Shadow Divisions. A number of other units were also destroyed completely, including the Wild Geese, but some survivors managed to escape by DropShip after the Wild Geese sacrificed themselves to buy time. With the Regulan ground offensive firmly defeated, Word of Blake WarShips appeared in-system and shattered the Regulan naval forces, with only a few survivors escaping.[4][5][6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 13th Stalking Horse
Colonel Jeffrey Morgan 3067[7]


The unit can count on a number of established maneuvers like ambushes, traps, cavalry maneuvers and so on.


The single Invader-class JumpShip transport the single Triumph-class and the two Union-class DropShips. Technical Support: 80%

Mercenary Rating[edit]

Dragoon Rating: B



13th Stalking Horse (1 Reinforced Squadron/Veteran/Fanatical)

  • CO/HHQ Command Troop: Colonel Jeffrey "Fred" Morgan

- Is the command unit

  • XO/Alpha Troop (Temperamental Templars): Major Coleen "Amazon" Leve

- Contains 2 augmented lances + 1 lance with hover and VTOLs

  • Bravo Troop (Dirty Dozen Ronin): Captain Janan "Ra" Keb

- Fields lighter units specialized in recon and fast assaults

  • Charlie Troop (Bottled Lightning): Captain Sean "Stomper" Suthern

- Heaviest elements supported by battlesuits


  • Have a mix of augmented lances + Ceti Hussars TO&E.


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