147th Mechanized Infantry Division

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147th Mechanized Infantry Division
Unit Profile (as of 2784)
Nickname n/a
Parent Formation LXVIII Corps
Formed unknown


The 147th Mechanized Infantry Division was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.


In 2764, the unit was assigned, as a part of the LXVIII Corps, Eighteenth Army, to the Periphery Military Region.[1] The 147th survived the war and the Hegemony Campaign, and followed General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus in 2784.[1] In 2783, prior to the departure of the 147th on the Exodus, the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces managed to recruit a battalion of assorted personnel from the 147th, and in 2784 the personnel from the 147th were mustered alongside two battalions of similar recruits from the Seventh Jump Infantry Division to form the Ninth Tikonov Lancers.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 147th Mechanized Infantry Division


The Mechanised Infantry Divisions of the Star League were used offensively to exploit gaps in the enemy front created by the BattleMech Divisions. They also bore the brunt of defensive actions.

Composition History[edit]

The Division comprised two Brigades of Mechanised Infantry and a single BattleMech Brigade. Also attached was a Ground Aero Wing.


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