14th Division (Word of Blake)

14th Division (Word of Blake) logo.png
14th Division - IV-nu
Formed 3068
Disbanded 3078
Nickname Glorious Repentance
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia



The unit first appeared in combat in 3068, while assaulting the world of Yorii. The unit masqueraded under Lyran and FedSun colors during the attack. The unit introduced bioagents into planetary water reserves, causing problems for the population for several years. The population shift loyalties to Word of Blake Protectorate forces which came to their "aid" to save them from supposed renegade House units.

The Glorious Repentance proceeded further into the Draconis Combine space, attacking the world of Pesht in February 3069. The unit separated in two group 2 - 3 Level III units conducting a series of assaults into the Combine that went on for years. Starting against Jeanette, Matamoras, and McAlister in 3070. Other Elements of the Division struck at Echo V and Qandahar in 3071, Espakeh, Loysville and Ningxia in 3072.

By 3073, the Division vanished from intelligence reports, only to resurface again a year later. This time striking simultaneously against two worlds; Midway and Isesaki. The strike against Isesaki was notable due strike against the corporate headquarters of Isesaki Shipping in the city of Ukonsoi.

In 3074 the 14th Division reappeared on Dieron. They arrived with several DropShips full of construction matériel, and the 14th used this to improve the on-world defenses, including an additional wall outside Fortress Dieron.[1] These extensive defenses were a huge obstacle for Clan Ghost Bear forces that attacked the world. The 14th Division fought the Bears to the bitter end. The 14th Division was utterly destroyed on Dieron.[2][3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 14th Division
Precentor XX Mary Stahl 3074


The unit specialized in strike tactics, utilizing the motto "hit hard going in, then hammer."[4]

Composition History[edit]


Intelligence Reports suggest unit strength was up to be 5 Level III units.[5] It developed this tactic during its campaign in early 3070s when attacking the Draconis Combine during the Jihad.


Game Rules[edit]

The 14th Division ignores withdrawal rules when it is attacking.[6]


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