154th Amaris Dragoons

154th Amaris Dragoons.png
154th Amaris Dragoons
Unit Profile (as of 2767)
Parent Formation Sixty-second Republican Brigade
Disbanded 2767


Amaris Civil War[edit]

The 154th Amaris Dragoons was one of the regiments within the prestigious Sixty-second Republican Brigade, a part of the Sixth Republican Guards Division, when selected to form a part of Operation APOTHEOSIS, the coup to take over the Terran Hegemony plotted by Stefan Amaris.[1] The Sixth was assigned to New Dallas, one of the most loyal Hegemony worlds, in the buildup to APOTHEOSIS, under the overall command of General Viktoria Benboudaoud, who favored the 154th above the other regiments within the Sixth.[1]

When First Lord Richard Cameron moved to station forces from the Rim Worlds Republic on New Dallas, both Governor Titus Clay and the senior military officer on New Dallas, Major General Carlos Kataga, objected strenuously. They neither liked nor trusted the Republican forces, an attitude echoed by the people of New Dallas. Prior to the arrival of these new garrison forces, Governor Clay mobilized the New Dallas volunteer militia, which was already a strong planetary militia by any measure, and charged them with taking responsibility for both the three Castles Brian on New Dallas and a number of the local SLDF bases.[2]

Despite the protests from both Clay and Kataga, Rim Worlds forces began arriving; Benboudaoud presented both with orders signed by General Aleksandr Kerensky requiring the Rim Worlds forces to take over control of the three Castles Brian, orders that Clay and Kataga greeted with outright laughter. The two agreed only to hand over tiny corners of the most outlying bases for garrisoning by the Republican forces, and when Benboudaoud objected, Clay ordered for her to be removed from his office under armed escort. Clay and Kataga then revoked all landing clearances for Republican forces and detained Benboudaoud's DropShip. General Benboudaoud raised strenuous objections to General Patrick Scoffins, the senior Republican officer in the Terran Hegemony, as well as complaining directly to Stefan Amaris himself, but neither was prepared to push the issue at the time, leaving the Rim Worlds Army forces to take up their meager facilities and make alternate plans for their ultimate conquest of New Dallas.[2] With her efforts strictly curtailed by her opponents on New Dallas, Benboudaoud concentrated on upgrading the 154th as much as she could.[1]

In contrast to the campaign suddenly waged on the majority of the other worlds within the Hegemony, Benboudaoud found that her forces had to fight a completely different campaign on New Dallas. The effective manner in which the local authorities had restricted Republican access to secure facilities and constrained terrorist activities prevented the Republicans from planting much by way of bombs and booby traps as their original plans had called for;[2] the pre-emptive strike on the planetary HPG complex by Republican special forces was also rebuffed,[3] forcing Benboudaoud to order military strikes against the New Dallas military and local infrastructure.[2] Blocked from gaining control of the HPG, the 154th Amaris Dragoons went on the rampage, destroying the HPG and battling SLDF patrols throughout Caddo City. Much of the capital city was damaged or destroyed, including the planetary militia barracks.[4]

The New Dallas militia blocked these Republican attacks, as well as Republican attempts to secure control of the local Space Defense System; when Benboudaoud was forced to call in support from the Republican WarShip flotilla responsible for securing the local jump points, the eight Republican WarShips found themselves facing an active SDS network under the control of General Kataga's forces. Dozens of drones engaged the Republican WarShips as General Kataga led his armed forces against Benboudaoud's forces on the ground[2] from the cockpit of his Rifleman II,[1] with the Republicans now heavily outnumbered by the SLDF and New Dallas troops. The New Dallas forces vanquished the Republicans on both the ground and in space over the course of the next six hours, leaving New Dallas under their control, at least temporarily.[2] Benboudaoud was killed in battle at the controls of her Rampage, having led the bulk of her forces from their position around Fort Resolute.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 154th Amaris Dragoons
General Viktoria Benboudaoud 2767[5]



Composition History[edit]


The Dragoons had a least one company of Ignis Support Tanks.[6]


  • 154th Amaris Dragoons (Regiment/Veteran)[5]



  • The 154th Amaris Dragoons player may elect to replace 1d6-1 units with units from a Regular Star League Defense Force RAT when selecting units.[5]


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