15th Avalon Hussars

Avalon Hussars.jpg
Fifteenth Avalon Hussars
Unit Profile (as of 2765)
Parent Formation Avalon Hussars
Disbanded 2571[1]


Age of War[edit]

The Fifteenth Avalon Hussars was one of the fourteen active regiments on the rolls of the Avalon Hussars brigade when the end of the Age of War was marked by the creation of the Star League and the formation of the Star League Defense Force. In common with the other regiments of the Hussars, the Fifteenth traced its roots back to the Terran Marines of the Terran Alliance, and those ties were strong enough that the Fifteenth was one of six regiments to join the SLDF[2] when it formed in 2571.[1] The brigade was proud enough of this that it listed the six regiments - the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Tenth, Fifteenth and Eighteenth Hussars - as simply being on detached duty, and it would be more than half a millennium before new units would be created with the designation of any of these regiments.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 15th Avalon Hussars



Composition History[edit]




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