15th BattleMech Division

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15th BattleMech Division
Unit Profile (as of 2764)
Nickname The Bryant Division
Parent Formation XII Corps
Formed 2571


The Fifteenth BattleMech Division or The Bryant Division was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.


The Division was originally formed as the Fifteenth Division during the creation of the SLDF in 2571, and was a part of V Corps during the Reunification War, where it served in the Outworlds Alliance campaign from 2581 to 2585.[1]

As a part of the Outworlds Alliance task force, the Fifteenth was stationed on Delacruz and Senorbi[2] when military action against the Alliance began. The 15th was the only division from V Corps to see active combat during the first year of the war, with the 44th Brigade conquering Schirmeck[3] and the 43rd and 45th Brigades conquering Weisau.[4] The Fifteenth was deployed to Medron in 2582 and saw little combat, but in 2583 the 15th was involved in conquering Ki Zoban,[5] before taking part in the battle for Lushann.[6] The 43rd and 45th Brigades took part in the attempted raid on Tellman IV under the command of General Amos Forlough, the Outworlds Alliance Task Force commander, and as a result took heavy damage during the Day of Vengeance at the hands of the Pitcairn Legion and Outworlds Alliance Militia forces.[7] For the remainder of the war, the Fifteenth Division found itself involved in the continualm grinding conflict on Lushann, and was still on Lushann when the Treaty of Cerberus came into effect in August 2585, ending the Outworlds Alliance campaign.[1][8] After the war, the 15th Division and the bulk of V Corps formed the major part of the Outworlds Alliance Army of Occupation, establishing bases alongside the new Star League administration offices on each of the Outworlds Alliance worlds.[9]

In 2764, the Fifteenth Division had been re-designated as the Fifteenth BattleMech Division, and was assigned to XII Corps, a part of the Ninth Army, deployed within District 2 of the Free Worlds League Military Region. The 15th was moved to an undisclosed area of the Periphery to take part in the SLDF response to the New Vandenberg Uprising by 2765.[10]. The Fifteenth survived the war and the Hegemony Campaign, and followed General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus in 2784.[10]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 15th BattleMech Division


Despite the doctrine and organization originally defined for divisions during the creation of the SLDF, the 4th would most likely have been a mélange of combined armed units.[11]

Composition History[edit]


Brigades of the 15th BattleMech Division - 2581
Rank Name Brigade
Lieutenant General Clay Strombergs[3] 43rd Brigade
Lieutenant General Simone di Martino[4] 44th Brigade
Lieutenant General 44th Brigade


The Fifteenth BattleMech Division (3 Brigades)[10]
As a BattleMech division, the 15th would have consisted of one brigade of mechanized infantry and two brigades of BattleMechs, plus an air wing and combat and logistical support units.[11]

Brigades of the 15th BattleMech Division - 2764
Rank Name Brigade
151st Brigade [12]
152nd Brigade
153rd Brigade


It was confirmed by the author of Historical: Reunification War that in general, the Divisions listed within the Star League sourcebook be traced back directly to those Divisions listed within Historical: Reunification War.[13]


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