166th Division (ComStar)

166th Division IV-rho
Formed Unknown (mid 3030s)
Nickname Disciples of Blake (3050)
Wolf Bait (3062)
Affiliation ComStar
Parent Command 4th Army

Battered by Clan Wolf on Tukayyid, the efforts to rebuild the 166th Division has gone backward with the elevation of Victor Steiner-Davion to the post of Precentor Martial of ComStar.


With the public unveiling of the Com Guard, the regular ranked 166th Division, referred to by the nickname of Disciples of Blake, was assigned to the 10th Army, and was stationed on the Federated Commonwealth world of Coventry.[1]

As part of the 10th Army, during the Battle of Tukayyid the 166th faced the fearsome threat of Clan Wolf. The Wolves Third and Seventh Battle Clusters along with Alpha Galaxy's Fourth Wolf Guards encountered the 166th and 278th Divisions near the tiny hamlet of Forest's End outside Skupo, with the elite 283rd preventing the Fourth Wolf Guards from trapping the 278th and 166th's portion of the Com Guards withdrawing defensive line.

Natasha Kerensky's famed Thirteenth Wolf Guards at first intended to circumvent and bypass 166th completely in their drive for Skupo, but the 282nd got in her way, with the battered Wolf Spiders heavily damaging both Com Guard units before they could withdraw to their defensive positions around the target city. [2]. Under heavy attack and despite reinforcement by the Ninth Army, the Com Guard forces guarding Skupo were finally overwhelmed, with the remains of the 166th suffering extremely heavy losses in a hit-and-run battle against the remnants of the Thirteenth Wolf Guards.[3]

Shattered by Clan Wolf on Tukayyid, the 166th chose to adopt the nickname of Wolf Bait to reflect their efforts during the battle. The rebuilding green ranked 166th was reassigned from the 10th to 4th Army and made its headquarters on Terra Firma.[4]

ComStar's efforts to rebuild and improve the experience of the 166th suffered a mortal blow when popular post-Tukayyid unit-CO Demi-Precentor Kari Marita chose to resign upon Victor Steiner-Davion becoming Precentor Martial. The ambitious but principled Marita didn't choose to defect to the Word of Blake like so many others but instead traveled to Outreach to become a mercenary[5], with the 166th steadily shrinking as over 30 percent of her former soldiers chose to follow her[6], convincing their commander to form the Broadsword Legion mercenary unit.[7]

The remnants of the 166th took part in Case White, ComStar's attempt to retake Terra. Elements of 166th survived the Blakist's orbital defenses and landed in northern Europe, only to be brutally destroyed by the Azrael-led 51st Word of Blake Shadow Division in Normandy.[8][9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 166th Division
Precentor Celva Lance 3050
Demi-Precentor Kari Marita 3055
Precentor Edward Revere 3062


The 166th Division is able to use small unit with great effect. [10]

Composition History[edit]


166th Division (Division/Regular)[11]

Note: At this point in time the 166th Division was stationed on Coventry.[11]



The insignia of the 166th Division a wolf's jaws closing on the head of an Atlas. [5]


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