167th Division (ComStar)

167th Division IV-xi
Unit Profile (as of 3065)
Nickname White Saviors (3050)
The Green Mountain Boys (3062)
Parent Formation Eighth Army
Formed Unknown (mid 3030's)

Relatively inexperienced, the 167th Division suffered heavy losses and ultimately expulsion from ComStar for their actions in the FedCom Civil War.


Prior to the Clan Invasion, the regular ranked 167th Division was known by the nickname of White Saviors and assigned to the Twelfth Army, its headquarters on the Draconis Combine world of Albiero.[1]

After suffering heavy losses during the Battle of Tukayyid, the 167th was transferred to the Eighth Army to recoup the heavy losses the Eighth suffered against Clan Nova Cat. Like many Com Guard Divisions, the 167th chose a new nickname after that climatic battle, calling itself The Green Mountain Boys. The hundred and sixty-seventh took up station on the Lyran world of Loric. [2]

With the increasing distrust of ComStar in the newly formed Lyran Alliance, exasperated by the promotion of Victor Steiner-Davion to the post of Precentor Martial of ComStar, the 167th attempted to at least maintain good relations with the LAAF command posted to Loric at the time, the Seventh Lyran Regulars. Both relatively inexperienced units frequently engaged in military exercises and officer exchanges to try and avoid any misunderstandings. [3]

Unfortunately by mid-3065 with a number of LAAF attacks on strictly neutral ComStar troops and facilities, when the Seventh declared its loyalty to Katherine Steiner-Davion and departed to bolster the defense of Bolan, the 167th decided that was enough. After declaring their support for Victor on June 10th, his command staff suggested the Com Guard unit rescue the embattled Fourth Crucis Lancers on Giausar, lifting off three days later.

Reaching Giausar on July 14th, due to a communications foul-up the 167th found themselves landing right into the guns of the Seventh Donegal Guards. Thanks to the heroic sacrifice of the unit's CO Precentor Kuzi, the 167th were finally able to escape this trap and link up with the remains of the Lancers, having already suffered combat losses of over 50%. Due to the large number of losses, the Lancers' CO General Andrew Giggins merged both commands into a single task-force to continue harassing the Loyalist forces.

The reinforced Allied taskforce was now able to hold out against the Second and Seventh Donegal Guards until the unexpected arrival of the Second Donegal's former CO, the 62 year old General Caesar Steiner on December 11th. Calling a full cease fire that surprisingly both sides respected, Steiner convinced the Loyalist forces of the greater threat represented by the Free Skye rebellion. Taking command of his former unit to combat the Skye rebels, Caesar commanded the Seventh to return to station on Launam, leaving the battered Lancers and Com Guard troops in control of the planet after twenty-two months of bitter fighting.

Because they had acted contrary to the wishes of ComStar, chosen a side and actively participated in the Civil War, Precentor Martial-Pro-Tem Gavin Dow ordered the expulsion of the surviving members of the 167th from ComStar. With a friendship forged during the fighting on Giausar, the majority of the survivors permanently joined the Lancers, making official their field-integration into the Federated Suns unit. [4] [5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 167th Division (ComStar)
Precentor IV Barbara Knapstad Prior to the Clan Invasion - Battle of Tukayyid[1][6]
Precentor Suzanne Mulvanery After Battle of Tukayyid - Defection to Word of Blake in late 3052[6]
Precentor Slurpea Kuzi 3052 - 3065[3][4]



Composition History[edit]


167th Division (Division/Regular)[7]

Note: At this point in time the 167th Division was stationed on Albiero .[7]


56th Division (Division/Green) [8]

Note: At this point in time the 56th Division was stationed on Loric.[8]


  • Line in the Sand III-nu - Demi-Precentor VIII Raymond Sowell
  • The Wastelanders III-xi - Demi-Precentor VI David Zigmond
  • The Silent Men III-pi - Demi-Precentor IV Demetria Lonis
  • Lifting Shadows III-omicron - Demi-Precentor III Fred Greenburg
  • Pale Fire III-xi - Demi-Precentor VIII Rich Robinson
  • Pieces of Eight III-mu - Demi-Precentor IV Wesley Haddon


  • The insignia of the 167th Division shows two warriors arm-wrestling. [3]


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