16th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre

16th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
Formed 3057
Nickname Diligence
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Parent Command Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy Cadre

The one of the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy's cadre units, cadets assigned to the 16th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre are put to the ultimate test by seeing real combat.



The unit was built around soldiers who were originally going to be posted to the 13th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre and 15th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre. The unit was formed on New Samarkand, but once it reached full strength it redeployed to Luthien.[1]

Operation BULLDOG[edit]

Dominion War[edit]

The 16th spent three years on Atria, bringing that system under Combine rule.[2]

Federated Suns Incursion[edit]


During the Jihad the Sixteenth SZAC spent most of it's time traveling along the Combine-Ghost Bear Dominion border, including Idlewind and Kiamba. These trips were to deter any renegade Rasalhaugian units from raiding the Combine. At the same time, the more experienced warriors of the Sixteenth Cadre were shuttled to Kessel to replace losses suffered by the 5th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre. These warriors were replaced by new graduates from the Sun Zhang MechWarrior Academy.[3]

Republic Era[edit]

The Sixteenth has spent most of its time after the Jihad patrolling the Combine's border with the Outworlds Alliance and Clan Snow Raven. These soldiers have been busy, as there are only two DCMS regiments in the Tabayama Prefecture. The Sixteenth also served in the Combine's recapture of Schirmeck from the Alliance. The Ravens have increased their raids in recent years to counter the loss of Schirmek and Goubellat, and the Sixteenth's experience in repelling Clan raids has been very useful.[4]

In the Second Combine-Dominion War, the Sixteenth was kept busy patrolling the Combine's border with the Raven Alliance. This was done to protect Vincent Kurita, Hohiro Kurita's son, who was serving in the unit at the time.[5]

Dark Age[edit]

The Sixteenth are posted as of 3145 to defend Benjamin from Rasalhague Dominion attacks, while much of the [[Benjamin Regulars]] are occupied with the invasion of the Federated Suns. [6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 1st Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
Tai-sa Jean Fabier 3059 - 3067[1][7]
Tai-sa Iulian Ó'Floinn 3085[8]
Tai-sa Wallace Gutierrez 3145[9]


The commander of the air wing, Sho-sa Steve Johannson, trains the cadets in anti-aircraft tactics.[1]

Composition History[edit]

3059 to 3067[edit]

16th Sun Zhang Cadre (1 Regiment/Green/Fanatical)[1][7]

  • XO/2nd Battalion: Chu-sa Franklin Kepplinger
  • 3rd Battalion: Chu-sa Terrence Midowara

- The unit is well supplied and fields mostly light machines.

16th Sun Zhang Aerospace (1 Wing/Green/Fanatical)[1][7]

  • Wing Commander: Sho-sa Steve Johansson


16th Sun Zhang Cadre (Regular/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Tai-sa Iulian Ó'Floinn

16th Sun Zhang Aerospace (Wing/Veteran/Fanatical)[8]


16th Sun Zhang Cadre (2 Battalions/Regular/Reliable)[9]

  • CO: Tai-sa Wallace Gutierrez

16th Sun Zhang Aerospace (Wing/Regular/Questionable)[9]

  • CO: Sho-sa Takakazu Katsushika


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