171st Crimson Guards (Clan Blood Spirit)

171st Crimson Guards (Clan Blood Spirit).jpg
One Hundredth and Seventy First Crimson Guards Cluster
Formed 3051[1]
Disbanded Destroyed circa 3074[2]
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit
Parent Command Omicron Provisional Galaxy


The newest of the Crimson Guards, they formed in 3051.[1] They were part of the force assigned to retake the Arcadia enclave from Clan Star Adder in 3066.[3]

Just after that campaign, the ProtoMech pilot Andre Blood Spirit challenged Suzanne Church to a Trial of Grievance over her poor use of ProtoMechs during the Arcadia campaign and won. He assumed command as the Star Colonel after that.[4][5]

In 3069 the Guards were led by Khan Karianna Schmitt on Albion capturing several industrial complexes from Clan Star Adder.[6] Then defended these holdings on Albion when they came under several attacks between 3070 to 3072 by Adder forces. [7] In early 3073 they took part in the assault on Eden against the Star Adder and Clan Hell's Horses enclaves, showing no mercy to the Adders in retribution for the bombardment of York, after the battle they were left on Eden as guards. [8] It is unclear if the Cluster later joined the rest of Omicron Galaxy for the disastrous fighting on Tokasha in mid 3074, [2] however they do not appear on the Blood Spirit roster after this date.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 171st Crimson Guards
Star Colonel Suzanne Church 3059 - 3066[1][4]
Star Colonel Andre Blood Spirit 3066[4][5]


Under the command of Suzanne Church ProtoMechs were poorly handled tactically. [4]



171st Crimson Guards[1]

  • A Trinary of ProtoMechs was added sometime before 3066. [4]


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