178th Adder Sentinels (Clan Star Adder)

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178th Adder Sentinels
Unit Profile (as of 3072)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Mu Provisional Galaxy
Disbanded 3072


The 178th Adder Sentinels has battled Clans Blood Spirit, Coyote, Diamond Shark, Mongoose and Smoke Jaguar over the course of its history.

As of 3059, the 178th was serving on Priori together with Rho Provisional Galaxy's 362nd Sentinels.

In 3072 the 178th was serving on Brim when it paid witness to the attempted annexation of a Clan Snow Raven enclave by Clan Goliath Scorpion, who had dispatched Delta Galaxy under Galaxy Commander Lincoln Dinour to capture the Snow Raven holdings. Dinour had landed two Clusters of troops at the enclave - which consisted of a city of some two million civilians and a Sylph factory - only to discover that the enclave was defended by a larger force than anticipated, and that the force in question was affiliated with the Society. The defenders were evidently a mix of Snow Raven solahma abandoned by the Snow Ravens as they made their desperate exodus to the Outworlds Alliance and other Snow Raven warriors recruited by the Society. The Delta Galaxy forces refused the call for a batchall from the defenders, and the resulting battle spilled over into a nearby terraforming research area.[1]

When stray shots exchanged during the battle breached several containment tanks in the research area, the resulting explosion destroyed half of the defending forces and the majority of the Goliath Scorpion forces. An enraged Galaxy Commander Dinour, convinced that the explosion was a prearranged trap, ordered the Nightlord-class battleship CGS Atropos to raze the city from orbit, killing all those present. The nearby Star Adder enclave viewed the destruction of the enclave with mounting horror, and Star Adder Star Colonel Erik Marghar issued a call for a Trial of Reaving against Dinour.[1]

Dinour agreed to the Trial, and landed the two remaining Clusters from Delta Galaxy - the First Eridani Lancers and Eighth Scorpion Grenadiers on the Basalt Plains, close to the Star Adder enclave. The 178th Adder Sentinels were amongst the Star Adder forces that fought in the Trial, which lasted an intense hour and which saw the 178th emerge as the victors and the Goliath Scorpions defeated, with a handful of Goliath Scorpion warriors captured as bondsmen.[1]

What neither the Goliath Scorpion or Star Adder forces had realized during their trial was that Society forces based in the other two Snow Raven enclaves on Brim had gathered and been observing the Trial in secret; as the Star Adder forces began to clear the battlefield, the Society forces attacked. While the Society troops took heavy losses, their fresh warriors and advanced technology successfully defeated the 178th.[1]

As of 3085 the 178th Adder Sentinels had not been reconstituted as a unit.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 178th Adder Sentinels
Star Colonel Abigail Turgidson 3059



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